More People Entering Drug Rehab Every Year

In the UK, drug and alcohol addiction are both big problems. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with addiction issues, and it adversely affects their lives and of those around them.

Fortunately, more people are seeking help with their addictions. Figures from the National Treatment Agency show that last year 202,000 people entered drug rehab in an effort to kick their habit. Most asked for help themselves, so entered treatment voluntarily, and stayed in treatment for at least twelve weeks. However, it is important to realise that not everyone who completed treatment left drug free.

Drug Rehab Success Rates Vary

When looking for a drug detox or rehab clinic it is important to do some research. Success rates vary widely between clinics. Therefore, it is well worth asking about a clinic’s achievements before signing up for treatment. Every clinic has its own definition of success. Some clinics would categorise someone with a heroin addiction switching to a methadone treatment regime as a success. Other clinics may not categorise a person as rehabilitated until they are completely drug free.

Some clinics specialise in helping certain kinds of problems. A person with an addiction to prescription drugs would do well to look for a clinic that specialises in rehabilitating people with this specific type of illness. Everyone responds to treatment in a different way, so it is also important to find a clinic that offers a range of therapies. These clinics are flexible in their approach and tailor their treatment to each client. Generally they have a very high level of success.

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