Benefits of Using Products for Skin Care Without Parabens


Parabens are chemical components that are used to preserve beauty products and other cleaning products. Parabens are mostly used due to their affordability and efficiency in preservation. Parabens are found in natural foods like fruits, some include methyl paraben (E 218) and propyl paraben (E216). Their usage dates back to the 1920s as food and beauty products preservatives due to their anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. In today’s life, parabens are found in shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants and some foodstuffs. It is believed that it is used in about 85-90% of all products. Research reveals that it is healthier to use skin care without parabens (parabenefri hudpleje is the term in Danish) products.Why do you need a skin care product without parabens?Parabens are effective preservatives and therefore, it is assumed that skin care without parabens can go bad earlier as opposed to the one with parabens. The secret is to buy small quantities of skin care that you can use in a certain time only. As it is, our bodies are already in danger from the exposure to the pollutants and weather elements and therefore, it is smart to use lotion, cream or toothpaste that has no parabens preservatives.

Parabens in the body have been discovered to mimic the estrogen hormone naturally secreted by the body. In women, extra amounts of estrogen are considered to cause breast cancer. Parabens have also been found in breast tumor survey cases. The parabens absorption also affects men as it reduces the sperm count and increases chances of sterility. The parabens component is considered a source of allergic tendencies.


Studies that have emanated from parabens controversies have led to the conclusions than males who used paraben products have less sperm count than their counterparts who use products for skin care without parabens. The parabens also lead to premature puberty among the users because they mimic the hormones in the body distracting the working of the endocrine. Parabens are endocrine distracters and they have led to the reduction of the puberty age as time goes by. Young girls and boys reach puberty age earlier than expected. Endocrine disrupters have been found to lead to abnormal growths like young boys getting boobs and abnormal growth of testicles.

To be on the safe side it is advisable to use skin care without parabens to avoid any of the related illnesses. Most times, we absorb parabens into our bodies. These can be traced in the urine. The skin passes ingredients to the body even faster than the ones taken orally and it adds to the risk of failing to use paraben-free products. Just a little more caution when buying cleaning and beauty products will do. Read the list of ingredients very carefully before buying. Anyproducts that have a paraben component should be eliminated from the shopping list.

When searching for skin care products without parabens, look on the internet where you will have much more variety of products. The online sites that sell skin care without parabens are better since they will have all the ingredients clearly listed unlike stores that have initials that may be confusing. There is a limit of paraben for every product, but it is just so important to use paraben-free products.

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