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What Is Aged Care At Home?

When we lose the ability to live independently at a slow and steady decline over the years, the idea of leaving home to settle in an unknown environment, however comfortable, is daunting. At a point where menial tasks are reassuring and familiar but no longer very easy to accomplish, aged care is a service that is truly a blessing.

Arranged by the Australian government (and by the private sector too), aged or elderly care is designed specifically to meet your changing needs as you grow older. Aged care agencies Melbourne provide the assistance a senior Australian citizen may require to continue to reside at their own homes that they have spent years building, cherishing and nurturing.

Elderly care encompasses social as well as personal requirements of an individual. From assistance with daily activities to health care or even providing some very basic companionship, it is a system designed to allow the elderly to age with dignity and respect they deserve given their stature in the society.

There are a number of aged care agencies in and around Melbourne that are partly funded and regulated by the Australian government to fulfil the necessary needs of the elderly. Almost everyone can afford aged care in Melbourne. What you cannot afford is covered by the government. You can arrange for it yourself or have a close relative do it for you.

A personally designed home care package is tailored specifically to meet your special needs while giving you the choice and flexibility that aging years try and take away. You can negotiate services with supplements or adjustments to suit you individually.
Generally, services provided at home by an aged care Melbourne agency may include:

• Social support and companionship, a listening ear and help needed to go out and about
• Domestic assistance in household chores like cleaning, washing clothes and dishes and errands
• Home maintenance for small repairs and gardening work
• Personal care with bathing, showering, dressing and exercising along with medicinal management
• More advanced nursing care provided by a skilled nurse such as wound or pain management or any post-operative care
• Extensive home health care, for adults or seniors that may be recovering from an extended stay at the hospital and need additional support to remain safely at home to rehabilitate
• Hospice care provided for terminally ill patients

Home or aged care makes it possible for people to remain at home rather than use residential, or institutional based nursing care in an increasingly aging demographic in developed societies. Finding a service and an agency that is the best possible option for you can be a long and tedious process and is essentially the most difficult step. At organizations like ours, we aim to ensure the very best of personalised care and caregivers are available at any time, under normal or emergency circumstances, to look after your every little whim.

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