7 Best Oils For Your Beautiful Skin

7 Best Oils For Your Beautiful Skin

Most of the people out to attain the perfect beautiful skin don’t know much about the oils that can help them attain the look. Most people rely on the processed moisturizers that don’t give promising results.


Moringa Oil

  • This oil comes from the Moringa tree which is mainly found in Africa and Asia. This seems to explain why most people have not heard of it yet.

  • It contains vitamins A and C which are essential oils in revitalizing your skin and helping to improve the complexion. The vitamin C contained in it helps reduce brown and black spots on skin.

  • The oil also regulates the sebum amounts on skin, thus controlling the amount of oiliness and dryness.

  • The oil also has anti – inflammatory properties that help the prevention of inflammations.

Marula Oil

  • Mainly contains vitamin C and E together with some essential fatty acids.

  • Containing the perfect pH for skin, it helps sooth irritated and sensitive skin.

  • Acts as a good hydrator for dry skin.

  • Also has some anti – inflammatory properties too.

Evening primrose oil

  • One of the few oils rich in gamma-linolenic acid (a very essential omega 3 fatty acid)

  • Thanks to the GLA component, the oil is able to relieve its users from itching, eczema and flaking.

  • The GLA found in the oil helps dilute the sebum produced on the skin, hence reduction of acne breakouts.

Argan oil

  • Enriched with vitamin A and E
  • Thanks to the fatty acids it has, it is able to lock in moisture and plump up skin.
  • The oil also has anti – inflammatory features that help relieve one of eczema and inflammations
  • It is rich in linoleic acid that acts as an anti – aging factor.
  • It is rich in vitamin A which is great for skin health.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles and softens skin.
  • Can be used to get rid of eye bags.
  • It is also a sebum regulator, hence reducing the oiliness of skin.

Tea Tree oil

  • Best oil to relieve one from acne since it controls the levels of sebum on skin
  • Has a good scent hence is user friendly
  • Has antifungal and antiseptic properties and can relieve one from infections, cuts and scrapes.
  • Also, very good oil for treating acne

Peppermint oil

  • Best for oily skin
  • Helps control the level of oil spread on skin
  • Is rich in vitamin C which acts as a skin lightener
  • The oil is rich in antioxidants that reduce the chances of skin cancer.

Olive oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil is best for hydrating dry skin.
  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • It is also rich in compounds like polyphenols and fatty acids that are healthy for the skin.
  • Helps repair sun-damaged skin
  • Can also act as a facial skin cleanser (mixed with warm water)

Though all of the above mentioned oils are beneficial for skin, one should have particular expectations from the oils in order to get desirable results. In the case of having skin problem such as eczema and the situation does not improve even after using the recommended oils, one could consult a physician. In Europe, one could do so using their Ehic card at a reduced cost, or at times, for free.

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