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Your Shoes May Be Causing Knee Pain

Your Shoes May Be Causing Knee Pain

Living with knee pain day after day can become tedious and disheartening, but did you know that the right shoes could decrease your knee pain? Be sure to discuss your knee pain and proper footwear with your orthopedic doctor if you have not done so already.

If you experience knee pain, it is vital to choose the proper shoe to support you feet; ankles, knees and legs, and your doctor will certainly tell you the same thing.

Regardless of whether you have had knee surgery or you suffer from knee pain like some have knee pain when bending, some have pain in front of the Knee and kneecap or around the patella that you have yet to address, it is crucial to take a look at what you are wearing on your feet on a regular basis. Here are some pointers when you are shopping for some new shoes to support your hurting knees.

1)     The Sole – Soles that are firm in the middle will help to reduce the gait that people who have low arches experience. This gait is referred to as overpronation, which causes the knee and the lower leg to turn inward whenever the foot is placed on the ground. When the foot and the knee turns inward, pain and straining of the knee can occur. If you have worn down your current shoes on the sides that face inward or the heels of the shoes are worn toward the inside, these are indications that you overpronate.

2)     Look for Athletic Style Shoes – Shoes that are designed for sports provide the feet and ankles with extra cushioning that offers you more stability and control while protecting your feet. Athletic shoes also contain features that control the rotation of the feet, knees and lower legs. Most other shoes are not equipped with these features, such as side posts which provide lateral support, midsoles which are manufactured to maintain the foot in the proper position, and heel cups that are firm.

3)     Heels Be Gone – While you may love the fashion and style of your high heels that make you feel powerful and prowess-like, high heels place a ton of force on kneecaps, which causes knee pain, as well as trauma to the knees. According to a study, women who walked barefoot experienced 23% less force on the knees than women wearing high heels.

4)     Shoe Inserts – For shoes that you absolutely love, like your heels, always place shoe inserts inside to help support the feet better and reduce any potential inward rotation. A study revealed that shoe inserts improved symptoms that are caused by painful osteoarthritis of the knees.

Basically, as any orthopedic doctor would recommend to anyone who is experiencing knee pain, you should carefully consider which types of shoes you are wearing on your feet. Choosing footwear that properly fit your feet and support your arches will not only make your feet happy and healthy, they will also ensure that you are supporting your knees and protecting them from the possibility of knee injuries and strains that could cause pain and degeneration of your knees over time.  

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  1. I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed reading this post. Wearing improper footwear can change the stress placed on your knees, leading to injury and pain. People facing the problem of knee pain should avoid wearing heavy boots and heels. Extra weight can lead to pain in your ankles, knees, hips, and other joints.

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