What Are Positive Birth Affirmations?

What Are Positive Birth Affirmations?

Positive birth classes in Canberra are comprehensive childbirth education courses that incorporate a number of hypnobirthing and self-hypnosis techniques. But it’s important to outline, that this hypnosis is only a small part of the content included in the entire program. A large part of the course includes maintaining a positive mindset. This involves guidance in the psychology of birth and how our thoughts directly affect our body and the birth process. Positive birth affirmations are one of the tools to help us to stay calm throughout pregnancy, birth and afterwards. The best hypnobirthing practitioners won’t just teach affirmations, they’ll also give you multiple resources to continue your practice and use during birth. Let us explore what they are and how useful they can be below…

What Are Positive Birth Affirmations?

The simplest understanding of affirmations is the things that we tell ourselves which bring them to reality in our physical form. Words of encouragement, like telling someone “You can do it”, over and over again, can really impact how capable you are of performing that particular activity. The messages that you repeat to yourself can confirm an idea and your mind is the strongest determinant of your physical reaction.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Based on the above example, do not misconstrue affirmations for magic. They are evidence of the science between your mind and body in achieving things. Positive affirmations are a theory which essentially states that we begin to believe things are true through the regular repetition of a message. So essentially, what happens is our brain is ‘rewired’ through a process called neuroplasticity. Repetition is able to affect how the neuroplasticity in our mind is able to change and adapt. The more we affirm an idea the stronger the neural pathway becomes that leads to it.

Positive birth affirmations draw on this and they can help to affect your processing of overwhelming feelings during labour and birth. By replacing negative thoughts, words, and feelings with something positive, you may bring yourself closer to a positive birth. Replacing them with belief in yourself and your wonderfully capable body can greatly change your reaction. Positive birth affirmations will help you to focus, channel energy where it is needed and trust the natural ability of your own body.

How To Use Affirmations

Affirmations, and all the other hypnobirthing techniques taught in classes, can be used whether your birth takes a medicalised pathway or if you choose to use pharmacological pain relief. The point is for the affirmations to help bring you to the present moment. To take a moment of pause, BREATHE and re-focus on what is important – listening to your body and connecting with your baby. Some ways to use birth affirmations include:

  • Write out and place affirmation cards around your home. Do this in spots where you will see them regularly.
  • Read and say your affirmations aloud to reinforce their truth and encourages belief.
  • Listen to the course-provided , especially when combined with gentle, restful music