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Losing Weight Just at Your Hand Length!

Considering losing weight after a long time? Thinking of putting in the new dress you saw yesterday in the showroom or thinking of fitting in those old jeans of yours? If this is how all you are going, then just pitch in. Here we are to offer you with one of the best ways of losing weight. Prescribed and practiced by Dr. Gullo these commandments are the best you can have to lose your weight. Eager to know what these are; just a second and there you are:

Dr. Gullo the architect of revolutionary food strategy written in his famous book – “The Thin Commandments”. He has written this book to help people to cope-up with their nasty food habits and practices. Centre for Health and Weight Sciences is one place where all these and other ways are incorporated to achieve good results.

Here we incorporate some of the important facts which have not been discovered before. Facts like:

  • Pre-menstrual syndrome increases appetite as well as stimulates carvings for fat foods like meats, sweets and chocolates.
  • Having foods like ice-cream, candies, sweets – all of them increase the levels of serotonin which again doubles the carving values.
  • Seeing the next sitting person in your office eating a burger or pizza makes you order one for self – even though you are full!

All these observations and more are a part of Dr. Gullo’s book – The Thin Commandments”.

After years of research we at Center for Health and Weight Sciences have come up with various methods to help you with weight loss. Our thinning programs are based on the concept – THIN TASTES BETTER! So, here we focus on everything which is lean – in food and eating habits. So be it a beacon or a pizza which you just ordered, we make sure that it makes you look leaner and smarter.

Our dieticians and other experts in nutrition help you in a wide spread spectrum of activities and improvise your practices on:

  • Losing weight without cutting out on your daily required food.
  • Lose weight with minimum yet adequate exercise plan
  • Help you preparing food which makes you lean yet keeps all vitamins/proteins and taste buds intact.
  • Help you stay healthy without feeling tired and limp.
  • Help you teach how to control your carvings and eat only when required.
  • Teach you how to use protein and food supplements.
  • In cutting down portion size and calculate quick fix menus
  • Tell you about what is lean in food and to eat that lean on regular basis.

In addition to all this, we at Centre for Health and Weight Sciences will tell you how NOT TO EAT MORE when you are disturbed or are depressed. We will guide you through how to use the protein supplements and how to go for low cost diet food. All this we will teach you just to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself.

So be here, discuss with us and we will make sure you walk out healthy, lean and smiling – of course with the guidelines of Dr. Gullo’s!

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