How To Get Rid Of Rotten Teeth Pain

A tooth that has decayed badly is known as rotten tooth. This happens when you ignore some dental cavity for long time. In that case the enamel and dentin get damaged and result in a rotten tooth. Such tooth is easy to identify as it gets discoloured and has holes. As the tooth becomes weak, its sensitivity also increases. The person having rotten tooth feels a lot of pain especially when having drinks or food which is either hot or cold. The severe pain caused by such tooth can make it very difficult for the person to concentrate on anything else, thus affecting his regular life considerably.

Pain caused by rotten tooth does not start with a warning signal. As it can arise anytime, thus reaching to a dentist might not be possible immediately. In that case you can take the help of some easy and simple treatments mentioned below, which are sure to provide you relief by controlling the pain.

Use salt water for gargling

This is a very popular traditional remedy which is known to be very effective for reliving rotten teeth pain. Salt acts as a disinfectant, while warm water offers a soothing relief from inflammation and pain.

Apply oregano oil

Applying a few drops of oregano oil over rotten tooth with your fingertip can lower the toothache’s intensity. It is advised to keep using this remedy even when no pain is there, as regular use of oregano oil can help to prevent further tooth decay.

Apply a mix of peanut butter and clove

This unique combination can provide instant relief from rotten tooth ache. Make coarse powder by crushing some cloves and mix it with peanut butter. Applying this mixture and letting it stay for a few moments can prove very helpful.

Use juice of wheat grass

In case of rotten tooth fresh wheat grass juice offers relief, as it acts as a mouthwash. It reduces the pain by getting rid of toxin build up present in dental cavity, as well as surrounding gums.

Avoid foods with sugar content

Candy, honey and other such foods with sugary content can do more harm to an already rotten tooth. This is because good decay is caused when bacteria present in your mouth ferment the sugary components present in food. It leads to the production of acidic substances which erodes protective enamel. Therefore it is better to avoid consuming sugary foods.

Maintain good oral hygiene

A good oral hygiene routine is essential to avoid rotten tooth and other teeth related problems. Regularly brush and floss your teeth, especially after having your meal. It is advised to floss two times a day for eliminating food debris which if left in your mouth can lead to bacteria growth.

Avoid cold and hot foods

Rotten teeth can become very sensitive when it comes to cold and hot temperature. So avoid eating or drinking anything that is cold or hot, as it might aggravate the rotten tooth pain even more.

Along with following these remedies, consulting a good Cosmetic Dentist Solihull can also help you get rid of the current problem you are facing, as well as avoid development of any other tooth or gum related problem later on.

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