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Find A Revolutionary Way To Lose Weight With A Two-Day Diet

Are you fighting constantly to lose extra pounds? But all your endeavors are going into a vein in spite of your hardships? Well, there is nothing to worry much about this. Here presents a new diet that aims at changing all that.The average women devote long years of their life on a diet but it does not offer them any result. This is because traditional weight loss diet offers a very slick chance to reduce weight.The new diet plan cuts back on the amount you take two days a week but allows you to eat in a natural manner.There is a study on weight loss that explains the excess weight can increase the risk of cancer and add to several disorders such as diabetes, dementia and heart disease.The new diet plan aims at cutting down 70% calories over two days rather than slashing 25% fewer calories every day.

How to follow a 2-day diet plan

If you want to get results following a 2-day diet plan, it will be better if you add foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates to your diet. Take this diet for two days at a stretch and take Mediterranean styled diet for the rest of the week.

The two-day diet regimen has to be low enough in calories lest you feel hungry. Not only that, this diet has to be well balanced with all necessary vitamins, protein and minerals. Above all, this two-day diet regimen must suit your normal and busy lifestyle.There are many Hollywood celebrities who love to follow this diet plan. If source is to be believed, Hollywood actress Miranda Kerr adores this irregular diet plan.Well, having a body shape like Miranda Kerr is not possible, but getting slim and trim and staying slim is possible with 2-day diet.

Do you need to lose weight?

If your favorite jeans do not fit you, then the answer is definitely yes. Growing too much fat – especially around your waistline can lead to several health problems. It is not possible to understand that you are overweight just by looking into the mirror or standing on the scale.

Therefore, you need to initiate by working out your Body Mass index. Get the result by dividing your weight by your height squared. 20-22 is the healthiest BMI rate and if the number increases, your risk of cancer and other diseases will increase. The moment you initiate your body mass index, you can accomplish your objective of weight loss.

Why 2-day diet works?

You can easily fit this restricted 2-day diet in your lifestyle without counting on your calories or feeling hungry. All you need to do is to stick to the recommended foods. Simultaneously, it is crucial to take only the suggested portions of food.

What recommended servings of food can you take?

As per the 2-day diet plan, you can only take at least twelve servings of protein while following this diet. Beside this, being on this diet; you need to take not more than three recommended servings of dairy products, five servings of fresh vegetables and one serving of fruit. Consume a plenty of water but do not take more than two liters of beverages.Follow this 2-day diet plan and get a slim body to fit yourself into your favorite jeans.

Author bio:- Stuart Parker is a health consultant and a wellness expert. He writes for many online publications where he covers topics like cosmetic procedures, wellness regimen, weight management and more. Stuart runs a small clinic at his residence which is a family-owned business. He recommends his readers to follow a program recommended by weight loss doctors in Houston to maintain a healthy weight.

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