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Techniques That You Need To Know For Better Pain Management

Knowing how to manage pain has become a vital part of health care. The techniques of managing pain have evolved tremendously over the past few years because of modern science, technology and research that is being done all over the world. Scientists have found holistic way to learn to deal with pain. They are using different techniques to manage pain rather than using analgesics and pain killer medicines to relive patients of all types of pain.


The fgxpress is one such breakthrough in pain management. It is pack of strips that one can apply on the affected area to relive pain. Pain is usually of two types- Acute and throbbing or chronic pain. Acute pain occurs where a short termed injury has taken place. This causes soreness. Most of the time acute pain is a result of trauma. It is easy to identify and hence is easily treatable. Chronic pain is pain that is of persistent type. It continues for longer time duration. It can remain for as less as week and as long as several years. Apart from causing physical pain it can lead to anxiety and depression in the patient as well.

Symptoms to look out for:

Throbbing is one of the main symptoms when something is wrong. Hurting of a particular place is also indicative that there is something physically wrong with the individual. Treating soreness is simple as the treatment is targeted towards the root cause of the ailment thereby in turn reducing the pain. According to a survey nearly 30% of the world’spopulation suffers from some type of pain or the other. It is said that it is considered to be chronic pain if it remains persistent for a minimum time period of 3 years. We all are aware that with increasing age soreness also begins to set in and the body is not able to cope with the mechanisms of the functions thus causing delayed recovery in return.  This is because the reproduction of healthy cells becomes less and the sad part is that despite suffering from pain only 70% people actually seek professional help to manage the pain.

So what is the cure then?

Most experts say that it is better to switch to methods of pain management rather than popping in pills when you are suffering from pain. Pain relieving strips and medicines are okay if they are eaten not very frequently. But if you have been suffering from chronic pain then it is best advised to visit a pain management centre and find a proper cure to the ailment. Eating pain killers can have drug reactions and side effects as well. Some of them may be as severe as narcotic addiction. Nausea, reduction in urine, vomiting, respiratory illness and hallucinations are the common side effects of eating too many analgesics to get relief from the pain. Instead they put you in a serious risk than giving relief.

Best recommended alternative methods to deal with pain:

There are numerous ways to manage pain effectively. One of the best and preferred methods to deal with pain is a massage. It is a great stress buster for sure and most people feel relaxed and relieved after it as it helps to improve the blood circulation and relax the muscles.  You could even visit a physiotherapist who can prescribe you some exercises. Using hot and cold packs for fermentation on the affected areas can also give immense relief. For those who need extensive therapy there are hypnotic therapy and congnitive therapy options as well. 

Author bio: John Henan is an avid blogger and is a certified physiotherapist as well. He has used the fgxpress to help many patients over come pain related problems by using these strips.

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