The Top 5 Among The Supplements

The Top 5 Among The Supplements

These days supplements are not hard to get, but what can be hard is making the right choice while getting them. It seems that at every turn there is a big billboard suggesting that there is one and only one suplement which will help you feel helthier, thiner, stronger and livelier … the ultimate supplement! The only problem is that when you enter a grocery store there are hundreds of such suplements and you can never be quite sure which of them might do you more harm than benefit. However this article will introduce you to the top five supplements which are medicaly proven to be safe and are well known for their benefficial effects.

First of all РVitamin D. As much as it is highly necessary for proper growth and development of human body, especially during childhood and adolescence, this suplement might be not so easy to take in naturally. Therefore,  Vitamin D defficiency is highly spread, especially among the people who live in the northern parts of Europe, America or Asia. Those parts usually do not get enough sun over the year, which is the main natural supplier od Vitamin D. Vitamin D is therefore higly recomended for use, especially in the mentioned parts of world.

If, on the other hand, you want to take in the most useful calories, the best source for them is 100% Gold Standard Whey. As a natural supplement, whey is rich inbranched-chain amino acids and in that way brings you the best recovery after any exhausting physical activity.

As for the omega-3s, essential fats which very efficiently reduce triglycerides in our bodies, the best way to get them in sufficient quantity is to consume Fish oil. Not only will this supplement help you recover from exercise, but it can also protect you from heart diseases, brain-related issues, and even diabetes in the long term.

We are all familiar with the benefits of good digestion, but unfortunately not all of us are blessed with sound gut flora. The best solution for the regeneration of good bacteria in your organism, which not only control your digestion, but are also  responsible for well being of your immune system and overall health, is to use Probiotics. The easiest way to intake these supplements is probably all the more popular probiotic yogurts, such as Activia just to name one.

And for the end something interesting. Did you know that cinnamon is a magical spice? Well, yes it is. By using this healthy spice you are securing better blood and sugar control for yourself. You can just powder it over yogurt, cake or some other favourite meal and your insulin sensitivity will be improved over time. That leads to better sugar control in your body and better health overall.

There are some other very useful supplements like for example Psyillium, Creatine or Turmeric which are easy to get end safe to consume, but for the reasons mentioned above we have chosen these very top 5. It is up to you to choose the supplement which will best suit your needs, and of course it is always a good idea to consult your doctor about any big changes in your diet.

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