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Are You Ready To Join The Cougar Club?

Are You Ready To Join The Cougar Club?

The term ‘cougar’ refers to the older woman in a relationship with a younger man.  With the popularity of American TV shows like Cougar Town and high profile celebrities such as Demi Moore, Madonna and J’Lo  regularly stepping out with younger arm candy, numbers in the cougar club are really beginning to rise.

So what are your chances of joining this exciting club and what are the benefits and pitfalls? Read on for some insights into this most welcome of developments in the battle of the sexisms.

If you are in the cougar catchment age (anywhere between 40 and 100) then you could be ripe for a roller coaster romp with a guy half your age. Why not have an adventure that puts a spring in your step and gives you the ego boost you deserve? There are dating services and sites specifically set up for women seeking younger partners and whether you are a predatory cougar or a pussy cat, there’s no harm in looking. Still not sure? Treat yourself to a confidence boost with a Qutis Clinics beauty treatment before you launch yourself onto the scene and there will be no stopping you on this life-affirming, adventure.

The plus points

So, what are the real benefits of falling into a relationship with a younger man? If you need to ask that question, well then you are the ideal target of this article. You need to live more, honey.

What else? Younger men carry less baggage with them because they haven’t been around the block. They will have less history, less messy break ups in their past and a more energetic and refreshing approach to life. Men in their twenties often aren’t encumbered by responsibilities and obligations like older men, so they are freer, more relaxed and less jaded in outlook. Being around a young man who is filled with desire, ambition and energy is really inspirational and with luck, his magic will rub off on you.

Younger men are more sexually driven creatures than their older counterparts, so expect much more bedroom action. Women reach their sexual peak around their early to mid forties, so if you time it well, things could get pretty steamy. Younger men have more stamina in bed and tend to be more open minded and fresh to new things. They will appreciate your experience and will be willing to learn from you.

Be honest, if they have their own teeth and hair, they are far more attractive. Younger men are fitter and in better shape than older guys and as physical attraction plays an important role in any relationship, this really does count.

The downsides

Commitment can be a real problem in relationships where the man is younger. He may not be ready to settle down just yet and he may simply be playing the field. Establish what you both want out of the relationship right at the beginning – otherwise someone is going to get hurt.

As an older woman you are likely to be more financially secure, established in your career and an independent operator. A younger man may be at the beginning of his working life and money could be tight for him. If you are used to partners with more financial clout, then ask yourself if this is an issue for you. Be wary of young men who are continually borrowing money or getting you to pay for stuff – don’t become a Sugar-Mummy, unless you want to be.

Sometimes there’s a stigma that comes attached with such relationships, but it’s up to you how much you let it bother you. It tends to be the attitudes of others that cause difficulties, and in many cases bad feelings are motivated by envy. Men dating younger women don’t seem overly bothered by stigmas…

There are many things younger men find seductive about older women. Their confidence and maturity and the fact that they are more grounded and sure of themselves can be a real aphrodisiac. An older woman has a self-assurance that comes with experience – with opinions, tastes and desires all fully developed and ripened. Young men find this extremely sexy. Fact.

So if you are tempted to get your claws out and catch yourself a young cub for fun and frolics, go into it with eyes wide open and let him hear you roar. Remember that if it works out it could be a wonderful thing, and if it doesn’t, then chalk it up to experience…You are the one in control.

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