The Real Cause of Aches and Pains Amongst Adults

Over half of all adults report that they regularly suffer from back pain, which may surprise those who think we should all be safer in our jobs now that very few of us ever leave a desk. However, whilst the process of automating industries has saved money and reduced accidents, the fact that so many of us now spend all day in front of computer screens is the precise reason that so many adults are now experiencing frequent bouts of back pain, along with other aches and pains.

Physical activity may tire our bodies out, but it also keeps them limber and allows us to use our bodies in the most effective way. When one spends all their time hunched over a keyboard they will very quickly find themselves adopting a posture that has very negative effects on the human body. In turn, simply working at a computer all day can cause everything from eye strain and lower back pain to chronic neck problems. From those who simply end each day with their lower back in spasm to those whose necks are constantly seizing up and in turn rendering them unable to even move, it is surprising just how many problems can be caused by something so seemingly innocuous, and it is those with the more physically demanding jobs who are, surprisingly, likely to avoid the many aches and pains that plague around 3/5ths of all adults.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and by investing in the right furniture at work, companies and individuals alike will find that they are far more efficient and productive. As such, by spending a small amount extra on the right furniture, companies may not only raise morale and see that individuals do not have to take time off to have their muscular maladies attended to, but the right furniture will also simply ensure that each worker is more focussed and more productive, and in turn just buying new desks and chairs could make a huge difference to how profitable a company is.

Posture-related injuries make up a huge proportion of all muscular problems encountered by adults. But these injuries, aches and pains that are caused by simple furniture at work problems can be rectified very easily simply by choosing to buy the right furniture from the right company.

Whilst the style of furniture and how practical it is for a specific business’s needs must of course be taken into account, how ergonomic a solution is and just how well it prompts individuals to take up the best possible posture will be even more important, and will help keep individuals focussed in both the short term and the long term.

Whilst some suggest the use of an exercise ball in place of a chair, such solution can themselves be impractical and dangerous in equal measures, and simply focussing on buying chairs that promote good posture will be all that it takes to totally transform how happy and healthy your entire workforce is. However, be sure not to overlook the importance of good desks too, and not only should they be the right size and shape, but how items are arranged on the desk will also make a huge difference.


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