The Best Detoxification Shampoo For You

The Best Detoxification Shampoo For You

For decades, blood tests and clinical urine tests were the norm for testing an individual for drugs until the use of hair samples became a thing. This was because the older methods were found to be unreliable sometimes. For instance, some ways you can beat a typical urine test or urinalysis include excessive intake of fluids before providing a sample, internal adulteration of the urine, and others.

Blood tests also have some disadvantages such as the discomfort that may be felt by the subject during the process of extracting the sample with a syringe. Another demerit is the fear of blood which makes some people squeamish, and can even lead to extreme reactions such as vasovagal syncope or fainting. Finally, the occasional false-positive results. Read more about that here

Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Hair follicle drug tests are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for ascertaining the use or presence of illicit substances in the body, apart from blood and urine tests. This test is used to probe for toxins which could be present in the hair as a result of drug use.

A hair follicle drug test basically involves a small extraction of the person’s hair. This is typically at least 100 strands of hair (each 1.5 inches). The human hair grows about 2 inches in length every 90 days, the period required for the samples to be extracted. 

There are cases where the person’s hair might be too short to extract a sample for diagnostic purposes. In such situations, hair can be extracted from other areas of the body such as the armpit, pubic region, chest, arm, leg, or the back.

Merits of this Sampling Method

Hair follicle drug tests are now the preferred diagnostic method these days because:

  • Sample Manipulation is Difficult: This test does not require privacy in order to provide a sample. It only takes a professional handling pair of scissors to extract the necessary length required from the subject.
  • Unreliability of Former Test Methods: As stated earlier, older methods of drug testing including blood and urine tests are relatively unreliable. Blood tests could occasionally provide false-positives and non-definitive results, while urine tests can be easily doctored by chemical adulteration or sample substitution. 
  • Drug Detection Period: The human hair keeps information of drug usage longer than many other body parts. This makes hair follicle drug tests more effective and reliable. Unlike the presence of drugs in the blood and urine which usually dissipates after a short period, the hair stores drug toxins for longer periods.

Read more about that here:

Blood and urine tests detect the presence of substances in the system when the drug was used just days before the diagnosis. Hair follicle drug tests, on the other hand, detect the presence of drugs in the system that were used in as far back as 3 months ago or 90 days.

Common drugs that hair follicle drug tests are used to detect include amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, opiates, nicotine, LSD, PCP, and ecstasy. Most drugs typically dissipate over time, but THC (the organic compound found in marijuana) usually remains in the hair until the hair is washed, removed or cut.

Having a ‘Negative’ Result

With what has been explained above, a laboratory’s reasons for preferring hair sampling is understandable. However, what you should think about is how to beat the tests, instead of worrying. Yes, it is also possible to beat a hair follicle test by taking the necessary measures. The common measures that people utilize are abstinence from drug usage for about 110 days, shaving off all body hairs, and the use of detox shampoos to wash your hair.

The most effective and commonly practiced method that can make your result turn out to be ‘negative’ is the application of a detoxification shampoo. Although it takes 90 days to pass a hair follicle drug test even when you use detox shampoo, it is seen as a more effective method than others. These detoxing products are the most comfortable and easy to use. 

Using Detoxification Shampoos

Also referred to as detox shampoo, these products act on the hair cuticle, leaving the cortex open, so that the hair shaft can be rinsed also. With the washing and rinsing of your hair, all toxins would be erased from it.

It should be noted that it is not all detox shampoos are effective. Some hair detoxification shampoos only tend to clean the outer layer of the hair (otherwise referred to as hair cuticle), but never access the hair shaft, which is the part where toxins actually reside. 

The right detoxing agent will be able to effectively penetrate the hair shaft. You need to be cautious and patient when selecting the right product for you. To get the best results, endeavor to apply the detox shampoo multiple times before the hair follicle drug test.

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