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Ten Best Exercise To Keep You Slim

As the slim body is regarded as the right body therefore it is advisable that one should carry out regular exercises daily in order to remain fit and slim. There are many advantages or plus points of the exercises like they keep our physical as well as mental health in the right state or condition. The exercises keep our metabolism correct thus make us healthy, fit and agile. There are many types of exercises that help us to remain fit and active and some of them are listed below


Running is regarded as the best Exercise for lowering down the excessive weight and making our body slim and active. But one should keep in mind their physical ability or age before carrying out heavy or long distance running.

Brisk Walking

By brisk walking one means walking at a faster pace and it is the best exercise available to lose additional fat that gets stored inside our body.


Cycling is also an effective exercise available in order to shed additional weight that gets stored in our body. It is also the best and economical weight reducing exercise available and anyone of any age group can carry it out.


Jogging is also an effective and useful exercise available for lowering down the extra fat that accumulates in our body. Apart from lowering down the weight the jogging is also beneficial for our mental health.


Dancing is most effective and interesting exercise available for lowering down our body weight.  Dancing helps us in carrying out the overall exercise of our different body organs. Exercise in the form of dancing lower down the excessive weight that gets stored in various body parts of our body.


Gardening is another useful exercise that helps in burning down the excessive weight that gets deposited in our body parts, especially around our hips and in and around the stomach. There are other beneficial aspects of the gardening as it helps in keeping our garden in up to date state or condition.

Playing Outdoor Games

Playing outdoor games is also the most viable option for shedding down the extra kilos of weight that get stored in our body. There are numerous outdoor games and one can choose the best and most apt outdoor game as per their need and specification for burning their additional body fat.


The swimming is the best exercise present for lowering down our additional body weight.  Swimming is also an enjoyable and fun filled exercise or sports activity. Through swimming one can have a great time pass and fun in addition to losing additional weight that gets stored in the body.

Sit Ups

Sit ups are another beneficial form exercise present for lowering down excessive body weight that gets stored in our body.  Sit ups are recommended for those persons by health experts who want to shed additional weight within shorter period of time.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is the easiest and the most cost effective mode of weight reducing Exercise available in the market.  One just needs a rope in order to carry out this weight lowering exercise or rope skipping.

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