Selecting A Good Protein Powder

Selecting A Good Protein Powder

With plenty of protein powder and protein supplements out there in the market nowadays, the person looking forwards to buying one for himself or for any other person should carefully evaluate its pros and cons. Only a careful research can help the person to derive the very best and to enjoy using it, without any side effects attached to it. It is essential to find a store that is reputed and trusted upon by its customers. Also, it is equally important to buy a product that is commonly used, is inexpensive and of whose quality is very high. Trying to select the best milk protein powder or for that matter, any other protein powder should be the objective of the person.

Tips to select a good protein powder

  • Evaluating self: There are several questions that the individual needs to ask himself. Does he live sedentary lifestyle? Is he active in working out or sports? Is he trying to gain weight or lose fat? Only after thorough evaluation of the same, can the person determine as to which product would suit his specific requirements. If the person is trying to shed weight, then the protein powder could add to existing weight if not working adequately. Again, if the person is planning to gain weight, protein supplements may help, but would not go to right places of its own. The bottom line here is that intake of protein supplements is to be accompanied along with appropriate and timely workout schedule.
  • Understanding what protein is present within the protein powder: Three basic types of proteins are said to exist, namely egg albumin, casein and whey protein. The last is considered to be easily digestible and hence can be wonderful pre-workout drink.  Casein is derived from milk and would take very long time for body to absorb and digest. Egg albumin slow to be absorbed and needs to be taken at least an hour before the workout.
  • Knowing the body: Most protein powders have been created from milk. Therefore, if the person is lactose intolerant, then a wise decision is to be taken when selecting the product. Egg product has been stated to be 100% lactose fee. Even soy protein enjoys the same status. Most whey proteins are known to be low in lactose, however, is by-product of cheese, while casein is derived from milk.

Selecting the right protein powder can help to enjoy better health.

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