Going Organic: Advice On Your New Diet Choices

Going Organic: Advice On Your New Diet Choices

It is never too late to make a good life choice. If you are feeling depressed, sad, or you have trouble sleeping well, your moody all the time and nothing seems to interest you; or perhaps you find yourself out of breath, not energized enough to get through the week and you are constantly tired – all these things can be actually your own organism telling you that you need a change in your everyday routine.

People ignore this call, and when someone like me try to tell them about the benefits of the organic diet, they immediately put up a defense wall and claim that they are fine and that we all feel the same way. We don’t. People that are actually eating to live, instead of otherwise, are forceful, vigorous and dynamic and first of all they are all happy. Nobody is judging you, we are all living stressful lives and between work, family and chores most of us don’t even care about what will be our meal today, as long as we got one. But if you are in a situation to make this decision and switch your diet choices, you will see in a matter of days how life can turn out to be much better just when you start living one part of it the right way. Soon this resolution will give you the much needed boost and almost subconsciously you will start changing everything in your life for the better. After all, if we are not living a happy life, why are we here?


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is not something that our grannies used to say for no reason, your body is expecting vitamins and minerals after sleep to compensate for the resting hours and prepare for the new day. Keep in mind that your organism is waiting for you to fuel it, and if you take fruits, vegetables and fibers – the body will absorb everything that it needs to function adequately. If you tend to skip breakfast you have more chances of overeating later in the day and you will actually gain weight in the process. Then again, if your breakfast is an unhealthy one and you are piling unnecessary acids, sugar and fat when your organism is at its most sensitive state, you will not just feel bad that whole day! That is a way how you will develop serious health problems.


Sugary drinks will not satisfy your thirst. The only thing that you will get from a soda is craving for more soda. Before you know it, your body is not hydrated and you are gaining weight rapidly. You need 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to have a proper intake of fluids. It doesn’t have to be water, you can drink tea, milk, fruit juice as well, but you need to drink it in that quantity.

Why Organics?

There is a reason why is organic food market on the rise. In the last 5 years, 30% of the world population actually changed some of their unhealthy groceries and replaced them with organic choices. Fertilizers and pesticides are helping the plant to have an attractive look, but just for that one crop and the nutrient value is close to none. The soil is ruined and infertile after the usage of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and for every other crop planted in the same soil we just increase the use of additives. Do you know what are additives doing to your body? 3 million people are poisoning themselves right at this moment without even knowing it. If you think that it would show by now – it wouldn’t! Scary as it sounds, it will show when it gets too late. GMO foods are proven to cause allergies and they have a devastating effect on your immune system.

Organic food is more nutrient, it is better for your health, it is safer for your children and it even tastes better! It will improve your sleep and help you if you have weight problems, strengthen your immune system and you will feel more energized, healthier and ready to face anything that comes your way. Anxiety, nervousness, constant tension, all these psychological problems will decrease if you stop consuming food that is not actually feeding you. You can live a happier, better life in good health and today you can even buy organic food online,it is even a cheaperchoiceso you don’t have any excuse not to help yourself this very moment. You are not helping just yourself; you are helping the environment and providing a future for our children.

It can be our little secret, just give it a try for one week. Nobody has to know that you have “fallen under the influence” or whatever. Just try it, and soon we will be on the same, winning side.

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