Qualities Of A Holistic Dentist San Diego!

The concept of a holistic or biological dentist is gaining popularity nowadays as more and more people are becoming health conscious. Traditional dentistry has always made people apprehensive because it is not only invasive, but also painful. It is an experience no one will ever look forward to. It is very important for people to look after their oral health and visit a dentist regularly for checkups, but it doesn’t have to be painful and that’s exactly what holistic dentistry states. This form of dentistry avoids the painful processes and harsh chemicals of conventional dentistry and replaces them with a natural alternative. Visiting a holistic dentist San Diego can be a very good choice for all those who don’t want to be exposed to dangerous and toxic materials.

Regardless, the problem is that a number of dentists may actually claim to be holistic, but are not in reality. Therefore, before putting your oral health and that of your family in the hands of an unknown dentist, it is best to ask some questions to figure out if they are really an authentic holistic dentist. There are prominent qualities that help a holistic dentist in standing out. They are as follows:

Amalgam Fillings

One of the clearest signs of a holistic dentist is their refusal to use mercury amalgam fillings or silver fillings in your teeth. They don’t offer it as an option at all, unlike traditional dentists. This is because they value the health of their patients and also their own. The vapors of mercury can be very dangerous for not just the patients, but for the dentists as well. Therefore, a holistic dentist avoids using them. Even if people don’t opt for amalgam fillings, the mercury vapors around the office of a dentist who offers them can be deadly.

Fluoride Treatments

Another distinguishing feature of a holistic dentist San Diego is that they don’t offer fluoride treatments. This is due to the fact that even though fluoride may be beneficial in killing the bacteria, it has some serious side effects that outweigh the benefits. Fluoride is known to cause thyroid problems, weaken the bones, lower the IQ of individuals and even cause white spots on the teeth, especially if it’s swallowed as in the case of children. A holistic dentist will never use fluoride, not even as an option and if they do, it is a clear sign that the dentist isn’t holistic.


Holistic dentists have a very conservative approach regarding their drilling practices. This means that when filling is required for a tooth, they use a filling material that’s non-toxic and try to keep the tooth as much intact as possible. They consider an inlay if the cavity is very large. They don’t use crowns as a means of dental restoration unless there is no other choice because placing of crowns requires the removal of two thirds of the tooth. Because of these qualities, it is easy to distinguish a holistic dentist San Diego from a regular one and avoid problems.

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