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IT And The Health Issues It Brings

IT And The Health Issues It Brings

As time passes by, more and more people tend to join the technology family, and start using the same to enhance their lives and make them easier. IT has proved to be a powerful ally, but we never asked ourselves: at what cost? Making our lives easier does come with a price, and we tend to figure that out when it is too late. Here are a few known medical issues related to the usage of IT and dedicated commitment to it.

Weight issues

Computers are improved every day, and the first thing that comes to our minds when we relate health issues to the computer usage is obesity. Just think of the life that every IT technician lives; sitting by his computer all day long, with minor bathroom breaks, eating his food by his computer ( in most cases, the food is bad as well, usually a sandwich or a salad with lots of cholesterol, fat, and other unhealthy ingredients), drinking sodas and just doing his work. This easily turns him into a round shaped person, with weight issues, that will eventually lead to something else (high blood sugar, high pressure, high cholesterol level, etc.). Sure, this job will bring you a lot of money, but is it worth it?

Excessive sitting

The following health issues are related to hemorrhoids. These tend to develop when you eat unhealthy food, sit most of your day, and visit bathroom only when you must. Hemorrhoids are a serious problem, which is present almost everywhere, and people with these problems can later develop some other diseases; on the other hand, they cannot sit normally, tend to feel pain or itchiness, and going to the bathroom will never be the same. Some people tend to bleed severely, and it is recommended that they visit a doctor as soon as possible. Imagine a grown up wearing diapers, and try not to laugh. Yes, this is the case, this really happens in some cases. Also, try not to forget that sometimes it is quite embarrassing when you are around other people.


Next in line is the eye sight problem. Looking into your screen for over 2 hours a day can be very dangerous for your eyes, making them dry and sensitive. A dry eye can lead to photo sensitivity, and it can further damage your inner eye. Also, scratching your irritated eye with dirty hands that were all over your mouse and keyboard can infect them, causing additional problems, such as conjunctivitis or some other far worse sicknesses. It is very important to know when to stop using your computer, and rest your eyes, by going outside, watching some green surfaces, or simply close them and let them soak in tears, moisten them. This will prevent eye damage, and will help your eyes stay healthy, giving you your perfect eye sight.

To summarize it all, working in the field of IT can cause serious damages to your body, and staying healthy kind of gets crossed of your list. Be aware of these issues, and try to create a healthy working space. Nurture your body, and keep it safe, for you will need it in order to stay functional and do your everyday chores.

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