Interesting Facts About A Baby Born En Caul

Interesting Facts About A Baby Born En Caul

Giving a birth to a healthy baby is a dream of every pregnant woman. From the time of conception to the date of delivery, the nine months are considered as a crucial period for women who are in the family way. Mere carrying a baby in a womb is not enough. It is necessary to have a healthy delivery. Usually, at the time of delivery, a baby is covered with a fluid-filled amniotic sac which gets ruptured when the baby comes out of the womb. There are some rare cases where a baby comes out of a womb covered with the amniotic sac. The process of birth when a baby is born with amniotic sac is called “en caul”. Let us know a brief about the baby who are born in en caul in the next lines.

What is en caul birth?

The en caul birth is a process where the face and head of a baby is encased in a membrane. In other words, a baby’s head and face are enclosed in an amniotic sac. This type of birth rarely takes place and is known as en caul birth. At times, mothers feel scared to see the appearance of a caul. The good news is that the en caul birth does not create harm to their newborn or the mother. After the birth of a baby, the surgeon can remove the caul with ease. Women who give birth to the en caul babies usually have cesarean delivery.

A quick glance about the types of cauls

  1. In the first type of caul, a baby’s face, ear and head are adhered to a sac which is filled with fluid.
  1. In the second type of caul, a baby’s head and the half part of the torso are covered in the amniotic sac or caul.

The healthcare practitioner peels back the caul very carefully from the skin of a baby. If the caul is removed in a hurried way, then the baby’s skin could have scars which may remain permanently on the skin.

Superstitions linked to the en caul babies

The baby born en caul superstitions are as follows.

In the medieval times, people in Europe would consider the en caul babies as a good luck charm. If the caul is black color, then the people would think that the baby has brought ill luck in the family.

Another superstition associated with the en caul babies is that such babies will never get drowned.

The people in Russia see a caul born baby wearing a shirt.

In some countries, it is believed that the babies who are born with en caul are special babies.

Roman people do not see the en caul babies in a good way. Romans consider the caul babies as vampire.

These superstitions hold no place in today’s world. There are some eminent personalities such as Napoleon, Lord Byron, Charlemagne, Sigmund Freud and Liberace who are known as the en caul babies.

To know more about the Baby born en caul birth process, you can ask the professionals of the online health care provider.

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