Getting A Beautiful White Smile

Having a beautiful, white smile can provide a great confidence boost. But, over time, many factors can cause teeth to become discoloured. Thankfully, having a discoloured smile is not necessarily permanent. Here are some tips to help keep those pearly whites sparkling:


Regular brushing is the best way to ensure teeth stay sparkly white. Ideally, teeth should be brushed after every meal. An electric toothbrush is also usually more effective in cleaning teeth and removing stains than a manual. It’s also important to floss and use mouthwash after brushing.

Food and Drink

Certain foods, like apples, carrots, celery or popcorn, help to clean teeth as they are eaten. Eating these foods can also help prevent the build-up of stains. People wanting whiter teeth should also avoid food and drinks that can stain teeth, such as beetroot, tea, coffee or red wine.

Make Up

For ladies, make up can be used to give the illusion of whiter teeth. Coral or red coloured lipsticks can make teeth appear whiter. Avoid lighter coloured lipsticks as they can bring out the yellow in the teeth.

Tooth Whitening

For teeth that are severely discoloured, tooth whitening by dentist Tampa could be an effective solution. Tooth whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure designed to break down stains on the surface of teeth. Over time, the procedure will help reveal a stunning white smile. 

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