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Frozen Shoulder Doesn’t Have To Last A Lifetime

Frozen shoulder is a rare, but exceptionally painful condition. People who suffer with frozen shoulder have limited mobility of their arm, with some barely able to move their shoulder. The lack of mobility of the joint actually comes from the body attempting to protect itself. In cases of frozen shoulder, large amounts of scar tissue begin to form around the shoulder, seemingly gluing the arm and the joint of shoulder together. The joint and arm fit together similar to a ball and socket, the arm should be able to move freely without movement from the shoulder. With frozen shoulder the shoulder and the arm are almost fused together and the arm is no longer able to move independently of the shoulder. This fusion limits the mobility of the arm and causes extreme amounts of pain.

While frozen shoulder can plague people for years with unbearable pain and limited mobility, it can actually be fixed in just one treatment. Many sufferers live with frozen shoulder because they have no idea that it can be treated in just one procedure. The procedure includes using Trigenics, which is a special kind of interactive procedure. The patient remains awake during the treatment and is told to move their arm in certain ways. Moving the arm helps to shut off the signals which are telling the muscles of the arm to contract. Once the muscles are relaxed, it is easier for the doctor to then go in, and remove the scar tissue. In almost all cases the patient regains movement of their arm immediately after the procedure.

Finding a specialized clinic that is equipped to handle frozen shoulder is the key to regaining mobility. Many people go to their regular orthopedist or general physician and are disappointed to find out that their doctors don’t have much information on the treatment for their condition. In order to truly get relief from frozen shoulder, the patient should seek out a frozen shoulder specialist. Frozen shoulder is unique and rare condition; so many doctors don’t have much information regarding its treatment.

Going from doctor to doctor is extremely difficult because it feels as though you have an incurable condition. The most important step to take in curing your frozen shoulder is to find a frozen shoulder specialist that can perform the procedure and remove the scar tissue. The procedure normally doesn’t take long and immediately following treatment you will have mobility of your arms.

Author Bio:- Medical industry blogger Rachel Welloff writes about a painful condition known as frozen shoulder and is happy to advise her readers on where they can find expert frozen shoulder treatment options. If you are looking for a frozen shoulder specialist, Rachel highly recommends that you make an appointment with Dr. Allan Gary Oolo Austin.

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