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Enhancing Protection

Sometimes, life get busy and complicated. In such occasions, you will not be able to adhere to some special precaution. Especially, in occasions like accidental sex, you will not concern about protection if your life has gotten in toa too busy life schedule. However, being too busy or negligent will not provide you any excuse to avoid the risks.

As per a research, 1 in every 30 women who ages between 15-24, has a chance of getting STI like chlamydia or gonorrhoea. Also, 1 in every 20 young women face a risk of getting pregnant at any time in their menstrual cycle. These figures are in fact, alarming. Therefore, it is important to concern about doubling up the protection you use and avoid the risks associated with sex.

  1. Discuss about condoms

It is very important to talk with your partner, friends or anyone else about the condoms. It helps you to improve your knowledge about condoms, which is extremely useful as a protection. It helps your partner and you to be open about the condoms. If he doesn’t like condoms, find out the reason. Perhaps you will have a good solution. Your advices may help him to select a matching condom type. You may tell him about the different textures, materials etc. It will help you to make it possible to bring him to your family physician or any other health care provider. They will advise you on using double protection like condoms and birth control pills together. Although you two have a great mutual understanding at the present and live only with each other, infections from past can show up at a moment you never expect. Your present faithfulness or the trustworthiness will not prevent you from diseases. That is why, using condoms is the only way to protect yourself from the chances of infections. 

  1. Decide what is perfect for you

You should try different methods until you find the best for your body and your lifestyle. At this point you can get professional advice from your health care provider. It will assure your protection even while you are testing different protection methods. 

  1. Never avoid condoms

No matter what the other methods you are trying. It can be a hormonal or long-acting birth control method, or anything else, you should keep using condoms. Although other birth control methods can prevent you from unexpected pregnancies, they can’t protect you from STDs and STIs. Condoms are the only successful method in this way. So never give up on condoms. 

  1. Don’t stop without advices

When you switch between options, it is better to get the advices of the physician. Most of the women get stuck at this point. First they use condoms and then switch to pills. They completely stop using condoms and forget the pills too. Ultimately they end up with no protection at all.  Always get the advice of a professional and tell them why you want to switch the methods.


No matter what the birth control method you rely on, double up the protection with the use of condoms. It assures your reproductive health.

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