Energy Healing – Does It Work?

In recent years, as life grows increasingly fast paced and stressful, many of us are turning to alternative therapies to relax. Energy healing has become popular with busy mums, tired professionals and even students for its ability to help them relax, unwind and de-stress. But does this treatment really work, and what could it do for you?
The Principles

Our bodies are filled with ‘Qi’ energy – this is the pure energy which we receive at conception, which flows through all of us and determines our health, wellbeing and how long we will live. Sometimes, the stresses of modern life including poor diet, pollution and lack of exercise, cause our Qi to become blocked, resulting in minor ailments such as lethargy, and sadness or more serious problems such as back pain or migraines.
What to expect from the process

A qualified energy healer will always begin the treatment by ‘scanning’ your body through touch; this allows them to identify any blocked areas to focus treatment on. Whilst there are different types of energy healing available, all will identify the source of your blockage. Qi energy healers will transmit Qui using sound vibrations, which penetrate your energy channels and clear blockages, allowing energy to circulate more freely and removing toxins. After the process is complete, you can expect to feel energised and more physically and mentally relaxed – most people who undergo an energy healing session see a significant improvement in the quality of their life!
Does it really work?

As with anything, the key to change is moderation. There are many positive testimonials from those who have experienced positive benefits from energy healing, and many believe that it does work to clear blockages and return the proper flow of energy to your body. By using energy healing in conjunction with a healthier diet, regular exercise and looking after your body, both mentally and physically, you can be sure of the best results.
Finding a practitioner

It’s easy to find an energy healer online – there are plenty of alternative health directories and forums which list not only healers but a whole range of other practitioners for you to choose from. Of course this article is written on behalf of Master Oh, but we at Innersound would never pretend that we are the only good spiritual healers around. Just be careful with who you do decide to go to. For every great and true energy healer, there are a hundred who would probably do you much more harm than good. Do your research. Get testimonials, and lots of them. Drop into health centre and spas in your area to see if they offer an energy healing service. By checking out a practitioner’s website, you can often read testimonials from previous customers, which will give you a feel for the services they offer.

Energy healing is beneficial for everyone, and whether you believe it works or not, you should try it to see how you feel afterwards – you’re practically guaranteed to notice a difference.

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