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Could Massage Therapy Equipment Be What You Need?

Could Massage Therapy Equipment Be What You Need?

Back pain is a massive problem for many people—it is believed that four out of five adults (80%) will experience it at one point in their life. Although most back pain is not indicative of, or related to, other health problems, it can have a debilitating effect on lives, disrupting sleep, work patterns and everyday tasks.

Back pain becomes more common as we age, with the first symptoms usually surfacing when people are 30 to 40 years old. Poor fitness levels can also exacerbate back pains, as can being overweight, which places extra stress on the spine. Other factors which may cause problems include hereditary arthritic conditions, a menial job involving lots of heavy lifting or slouching at a desk, or even smoking (this can deprive spinal disks of vital nutrients).

While there is no cure for back pain, various treatments have been shown to help short-term pain, including massage. Why? According to research, massage therapy offers several benefits, including:

● A decrease in muscular tension, which can boost flexibility, improve sleep and reduce pain triggered by tight muscles.

● Increased circulation and blood flow, bringing nutrition to muscles and tissue, boosting recovery from muscular soreness caused by strenuous activity and soft tissue damage.

● Higher endorphin levels, the body’s own mood-lifter, reducing pain and boosting recovery.

However, there are numerous massage machines available offering therapy in the home, including chairs and beds. As a complement to treatments from your doctor, massager products offer pain relief and greater relaxation. As well as back pain, some massage products are medically proven to help with many health complaints, including arthritis, sciatica, hip problems, and tennis elbow, amongst others. These are ideal for people who feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced visiting a masseuse.

A massage chair allows the user to receive a relaxing, therapeutic massage in the comfort of their home whilst reading, watching television or sitting with others. Massage beds can help you enjoy a peaceful night’s rest whilst providing all the benefits of electric massage, whether just for yourself or your partner. If you suffer from back pains, a massage bed will help ease your suffering, helping you sleep better throughout the night and feeling better overall. As well as chairs and beds, handheld massage products are available, offering portable, simple relief from aches and pains.

When searching for massage equipment, you should think about which variety will be better for your needs, your home and your budget. For guidance and advice, you should consult specialist retailers and your doctor.

Author Bio:- Maria Marks is a freelance writer with a passion for fitness and massage. Her work appears on many sites including Niagara Therapy.

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