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Child Issues Why Do Children Get Hiccups?

Child Issues Why Do Children Get Hiccups?

Suffering from hiccups is normal in babies and it might be caused due to several reasons. Hiccups are generally, repetitive contractions of the diaphragm which is located just under the lungs. These baby hiccups can cause severe discomfort and may sometimes be a symptom of some medical condition. Although hiccups in babies is common but there are many reasons which can cause it. It is caused when an infant swallows too much air or due to overfeeding.

In order to get rid of these baby hiccups, there are some effective tips that can help you get instant relief to your kid-

Keep track of the hiccups-

Since hiccups in infants are normal so it’s better if you keep track of the hiccups. It will help you know the common pattern and let you focus on the efforts to give your baby relief from the hiccups quickly. For this, you can note the time and the span of every hiccup to come to an average later on. Then also note whether the hiccups occurred after feeding or before. At last, you may analyze your notes and look for best possible ways to give your baby comfort.

Set the infant’s feeding schedule carefully-

Since feeding might be a cause of frequent hiccups so setting the infant’s feeding schedule carefully is required. In order to avoid to overfeeding, cut short the feeding into smaller portions and increase their frequency. Hiccups generally occur when baby eats extra that makes the stomach to distends it immediately. Hence, it causes diaphragm to contract.

Burp after and during the feeding-

In order to make the baby comfortable, let the baby burp after or during giving feed. You can pat her back gently and can then start feeding once she burps. It will reduce the chances of hiccups due to feeding.

Reduce air swallowing-

Besides overfeeding, swallowing air can be a cause of frequent hiccups. It distends the stomach making it uncomfortable for the child. You can reduce air swallowing by listening to baby during or after feedings for burps or gulping noise. Ensure to take breaks during feeding. In case you are breastfeeding, check if the baby is latched on properly. Also, ensure to tilt the bottle to 45 degrees. It enables the sir to rise to the bottom and escape out of nipple reducing air swallowing.

Feed the baby before he is upset-

You should set a schedule where you can feed the baby before he gets too hungry and upset. Baby will tend to eat slowly and patiently when he is calm while he can end up swallow excess air when he is crying or upset.


Consult the doctor if symptoms persist-

In case the hiccups get severe and consistent in spite of trying all the methods above, it can be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Hence, consulting doctor is essential. He might prescribe something better for the child to recover fast.

These are some of the ways of making your baby rid of hiccups.

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