Are You Eating The Rainbow Or Not?

Yes, we all are well aware of the plethora of different diets and foods that will help yu in reaming healthy and fit. But if you are interested in seeking the holistic improvement then you should start off with the range of colorful food items to make a more healthy life.Well, here we are referring to the different shades of the diet that are available. Start with the hues of “red”. Add carrot, reddish, papaya, watermelon, cherries. They are not only high on vitamin A but also help you in seeking the anti oxidants that will combat aging and boost your immune systems.

After that seek “yellow’ in the form of all the citric fruits that yu can name, plunge into the lemon, have a great lemonade, orange juice grape fruits, melons and mangoes. You are not only adding variety and color to your palate and plate but also opening to the new and healthy experience that is sure to give a huge enhancement to your ”beauty” quotient. Of course the vitamin C is what you face is craving right now!

Now turn to “green” add that broccoli, spinach, peas and coriander into your foods items. You certainly need to come out of the highly saturated fatty items and plunge into the green world of heath and positive thought. Along with the different shades of food items you should keep your mental state optimistic, cheerful and active. This will help you in ensuring that you respect your body and remain aware of the physical demands if you are taking any fitness training.

More over, it will help you in recovering much faster if you remain optimistic and cheerful throughout and remain conscious of your diet on the first place. Also, the most important and the substantial gain is in the over all feeling of well being which will help you in becoming the beautiful and happy “you”!

The finally turn to the blues and black with the range of delicious and mouth watering option in terms of plum, blue and black  berries etc . It is important that you eat the rainbow of color so that you get that extra puff of energy that you body is so desperately craving for.

In addition to this, if you are seriously seeking some weight loss then you should be vigilant about your behaviors especially that of mal adaptive ones that need to take you towards the high cholesterol and saturated fat. More you are aware of your own heath, more are the chances you will be able to help your self in creating the life that is healthy and happy!

So it is time to be proactive as you make your life heathier and colorful by choosing the rich red tomatoes and cherries and the aromatic lemons along with the deep green spinach on your plate. No only you have successfully found the mantra to the exciting and thrilling life but also open the gateway for the huge variety in terms of healthy foods that will take your attention from that fattening routine junk!

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