An Overview Of The Tribulus Terrestris Plant And The Health Benefits It Can Bring

Tribulusterrestris is one kind of flowering plant that belongs to the family of Zygophyllacea. This kind of plant is native to tropical regions and warm temperate like southern Asia, southern Europe, Australia, and throughout Africa.

Tribulusterrestris can survive even in poor soil as well as desert climates. Just like many species of weeds, this kind of plant is addressed with many common names. These names include bullhead bindii, caltrop, burragokharu, devil’s eyelashes, cat’s head, devil’s weed, devil’s thorn, puncturevine, tackweed, and goathead. This plant is also a herbaceous perennial plant that is taprooted and grows annually during summer in other colder climates. The stems of the plant radiate from its crown with a diameter of 10 cm to 1m approximately when branching. Even though they can grow upwards in shade and among taller plants, Tribulusterrestris are usually prostrate and forms flat patches.

Usually, the leaves of this plant are compound and usually made up of leaflets with an approximate measure of 6mm long. Its flowers are usually 4 to 10 mm wide and have five yellow petals. One week after a flower blooms, it will then be followed by its fruit that can easily fall apart into five or sometimes four nutlets. These nutlets are usually single-seeded. They are hard by nature and bear two or three sharp spines that are about 10 mm long as well as 4 to 6mm broad from point to point. As a matter of fact, these nutlets are very attractive because it resembles a bull’s or goat’s head. The “horns” of the nutlets are very sharp enough that it can even puncture lawn mower tires and bicycle tires. It can even cause painful injury to someone who will step into it while barefooted.

Many people claim that Tribulusterrestris has many functions for the body. In fact, many studies have proved that the plant has lots of health benefits and has been already used in form of supplements and has been widely used in fitness stores. The plant can be made as a supplement from healthy combination of extracts that comes from different components found in the plant.

There are lots of claims about what supplements made from Tribulusterrestris can do for people. The two main common reasons why certain individuals choose to take to supplement are because: first, they want to increase their sexual desire; and second, they want to increase their muscle mass. Most users of the supplement are athletes because they are primarily attracted by how the plant can promote muscle building properties.

In addition to that, people also choose to take medicines out of this plant in order to treat serious cases of illnesses like kidney problems, blood pressure problems, and even cancer. In fact, many health professionals agree that many kinds of health benefits can come from the plant. Also, extracts from different parts of the plant can really be a great use to those people who need help to cure their infections. Aside from that, the plant is also recommended by patients who suffered from urinary tract infections and has been cured because of the plant’s health benefits.

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