10 Foods That You Should Never Eat

Even though you have being issued with an ehic medical card meaning that you receive treatment free of charge or you only pay just little fee, that doesn’t mean that you should not take care of your body and prevent it from lifestyle disease such as cancer, diabetes and heart attacks. If you want to escape from such diseases, you should immediately watch what you eat. We all know that there are foods that are better than others, like fresh juice and vegetables, over foods that are packaged, high in calories or microwaved. Here is a list of foods that you should avoid at all cost

1. Sugar

Sugar is a highly processed food that all the beneficial products have being removed from it. Our bodies always ask for sugar because they provide it with energy. Too much processed sugar causes the liver to stain, bumps up fat storage, increases cholesterol levels and weaken our immune system. Most of us often get sugar from the wrong sources such as candies, sodas and processed foods. But it is good to only take little or no sugar completely, because it brings us more harm than benefits.

2. Canned foods

Most canned foods have preservatives that are always added to them to extend their self-life. The cans where those foods are packed have being lined with Bisphenol-a, this particular lining have being linked to cause infertility, obesity, diabetes and colon, breast and prostate cancer. Canned foods are highly acidic .I recommend that you only stick to fresh, dried or frozen foods instead.

3. Processed meats

Most delicious meats are got from animals that are not raised and feed the natural food. They are feed on growth hormones and other drugs, and when you eat them, they are definitely passed to your body, hence increasing the risk of dying from heart disease and cancer. Look for ways to limit your meat consumption and add more veggies to your diet.

4. Vegetable oil

These oils are manufactured from the factory and can’t be extracted by just pressing or only separating as in the case of coconut oil and olive oil, but they require chemicals such as petroleum solvent to extract oil. Most of our vegetable oils are also got from organically grown foods that have being heavily sprayed with pesticides. During processing, there is increase of oxidation of the oil, meaning that is never healthy at all.

5. Margarine

Do not have any health fats in it; margarine is just loaded with Tran’s fats, free radicals and preservatives. Any trace of these components can lead to heart disease, cancer, hormonal imbalances, infertility, and many more health problem.

6. Microwave popcorn

Anything that has being put inside a microwave should be a no go zone food!!Especially popcorn cooked inside a microwave. Although they are tasty and quick to prepare, the bag that is used to wrap them to stop the grease from leaking contain a chemical called Perfluroalkyls.This chemical is linked to cause infertility, cancerous tumor and thyroid malfunction.

7. Table salt

Most people cannot live without taking salt. But we tend to only take processed salt only which is harmful to our body. Kindly replace the processed salt with natural sea salt.

8. Soy

Most people urge that soy is a healthy food. But recent research showed that it is not healthy as it is opposed to be, because it has being heavily modified and treated with pesticides when it was being grown. It also contain phytoestrogens hormone that interfere with human body normal balance.

9. Artificial sweeteners

They contain a chemical called aspartame that forms methanol in the body. Methanol when taken to the brain it is converted into Formaldehyde which damages human DNA. If you need to sweeten anything only go for natural sweeteners such as honey.

10. Non organic food

The list of non-organic food has being dominated by potatoes, strawberries and apples. This are foods that too much pesticides have being used to grow them and are known to be harmful to human.

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