What Connects Physical Movement To Sound ED Health In Men?

What Connects Physical Movement To Sound ED Health In Men?

We now live in an era where our bodies suffer more due to the excessive comfort that we offer it than from the lack of things that are necessary for our basic survival.

We spend most of our days moving from one task to another in a little span of time, and we do feel so constantly stressed that our bodies produce excess cortisol which leads to various diseases and conditions which are not good for our body.

One of the most common comforts that we give our bodies is an excessively sedentary lifestyle. We wake up in a comfortable bed, we sit and have our breakfast which is easily available to us with the least physical efforts in making it or buying it.

We spend a lot of time sitting down in our cars, or in public transports, and our jobs involve a lot of sitting down and we have elevators and escalators which take us up and down without putting any pressure on our bodies.

This has given rise to many problems which we will go through one by one and even explore their connection to men’s sexual health.

Lack of Physical Movement leads to Poor Blood Circulation:

Our heart pumps blood and it is supplied to all the parts of our body through the arteries, the blood that passes through the arteries is oxygenated and filled with nutrients that how been assimilated from the food we eat. 

Our cells soak up the nutrients in the blood and use up the oxygen in it and the de-oxygenated blood along with the waste products generated by the cells is taken back to the heart as the blood passes through the veins.

This process is important as it offers nutrition to our cells and cleans them out regularly, giving you a strong, healthy body and a clear and glowing skin.

If you do not move our body, there are a lot of chances that your veins and arteries will become narrow with time. As they go narrow, less amount of blood flows, and even the cells are not cleaned as good as it should be cleaned.

Poor blood circulation can cause various heart diseases, narrowing of the veins and arteries, and a result in a poor blood circulatory and weak cardiovascular system.

These conditions have been known to be the cause of sexual dysfunction in men, known as erectile dysfunction. Men who suffer from this sexual dysfunction report a lack of interest in sexual activities over time and if they are aroused, they have no erections or they may have weaker erections.

There are specific medications made with PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Cenforce 100 , Vidalista and Fildena which help in the production of nitric oxide by restricting the action of the PDE5 enzyme and promotes the widening of the blood vessels which line the veins and the arteries for a smoother flow of blood.

Even if you use these medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, moving your body from time to time and adding activities in your daily life that promote the flow of blood will make help in easing out the symptoms of your condition.

People often add a lot of physical movement in their daily life to ensure that the blood in their body circulates fine and good and prevents them from heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, and sexual dysfunctions.

Activities such as Walking and Running Keeps your Mentally fit, Healthy, and Happy:

There are times when sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sperm motility, and even premature ejaculation can occur due to excessive stress caused in daily life.

Men who engage in physical activities such as brisk walking, running, and sports help in relieving the stress of daily life. The regular release of stress helps in regulating the hormones of the body. 

Endorphins, dopamine, and other feel-good chemical and hormones are released in the body, which negates the effects of the stress and prevents as well as treat various diseases that come with stress and prevents sexual dysfunctions and treats their symptoms in one way or the other.

Men who participate in the physical activities on regular basis have better blood circulation, their hormones are secreted on time and in enough amounts so that the person is healthy, with a stronger immune system and better heart health.

Physical Sports help you stay in good shape and releases Testosterone in the body:

Testosterone is also known as the male sex hormone and it is secreted in the body when a person engages in activities that bring the competitive edge out such as physical sports or fights!

The thrill that comes with winning the games and making an active effort in making the win possible helps in the release of this hormone, many men suffer from a lack of testosterone levels due to living physically comfortable lives. Thus engaging in activities such as footfall, cricket, basketball or any other sport helps in the release of this hormone and keeps away most kinds of sexual dysfunctions and improves your sexual libido.

Another benefit of physical sport is the fact that it allows you to stay fit and healthy, and we humans are hard-wired to choose healthy and fit partners over sick and unhealthy ones. 

Such activities also keep your weight in check and keep you safe and away from the cruel shackles of obesity which can give you heart diseases, narrow your blood vessels, and be a cause of sexual dysfunctions such as Super P Force premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sperm mobility, and even the lack of sexual desire.

At the most primitive levels, our brains associate physical movement as an act of being alive, healthy, and fit, and thus brings in more opportunities to reproduce. Reproduction may not be on our priority list given the overpopulation on our planet, but still, physical activities help in keeping your entire body, your brain, and your sexual organs healthy so that you live along as well as sexually fulfilling life.