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What Are Some Important Facts To Know About EHIC?

What Are Some Important Facts To Know About EHIC?

In almost all the countries across the globe, provision for health insurance and other types of insurance aimed at offering financial security to the insurers in different ways are there. In this respect, people residing in European countries are benefited significantly as the local governments of various states makes available the European Health Insurance Card to the permanent residents. As the names suggest, it is basically a type of insurance card that is aimed at providing medical benefits to the users or the cardholders in any of the countries across EU as well as Switzerland. This card is issued totally free of charge to those who have applied for the same by the respective governments. Here are some of the most important and must-to-know facts about this card that is aimed at the maximum benefit of the users.

Insurance against the health of the users while travelling

It is one of the most important points to know about European Health Insurance Card. This card is just like an insurance against the health of the users while travelling. It means the cardholders may avail of the medical benefits offered under it while travelling to other countries or states. In simple words, you can get medical help or treatments free of cost or at reduced costs in case you fall ill or have other health complications that require immediate medical attention. By showing this card at the healthcare institutes covered under it, you can easily get medical treatments either free-of-cost or at significantly reduced costs.

Varying validity

Generally, this card is valid for a period of five years and need to be renewed after that. However, the validity of the card by varies from one country to the other. It all depends upon the local governments or other officials issuing this card to the users.

Aimed at ensuring easy medical facilities

The main purpose of issuance of EHIC card is to ensure that the cardholders get all types of medical facilities in a very easy manner without experiencing any problems. It is aimed at reducing the burden of medical expenses and also the necessary treatments required for the patients while travelling to other countries across EU. Thus travellers may remain assured about getting the medical aid and assistance in an easy manner.

Covers certain types of illnesses

It is again an important point worth noting about European Health Insurance Card. It covers certain types of illnesses and also excludes certain medical treatments such as the dental care. It means the users may avail of the benefits offered by this card for specific medical problems only.

Different from travel insurance

Contrary to popular belief, EHIC is totally different from travel insurance. It means the users who have this card certainly need to get travel insurance if they intend to travel to other countries, states or cities. It means no travelling costs or other damages are covered under this insurance cover. It is just meant for medical facilities while travelling.

By knowing these important points about EHIC, the users may get the associated benefits in appropriate manner.

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