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Under What Conditions, The Doctor Suggests For A Heart Transplant & How Much Does It Cost?

Under What Conditions, The Doctor Suggests For A Heart Transplant & How Much Does It Cost?


A patient suffering from end-stage coronary disorders, or heart failure, then the patient has to undergo heart transplantation. During the heart transplantation process, the diseased heart of the patient is replaced with the healthy heart of the donor. A heart donor is generally a person who is brain dead. 

A heart transplant is a complex surgery and is preferred by the doctor only when no other procedure helps the patient to recover. Depending on the condition of the patient, the doctor opts for the minimally invasive or an open heart bypass surgery. 

Usually, a heart transplant is an expensive procedure, but the medical travellers to India can avail the treatment at a lower cost. 

The Heart Transplant Surgery Cost in India usually varies between USD 50,000- 55,000. 

When Does the Doctor Opt for a Heart Transplant Surgery on a Patient?

Heart Transplant is a surgical procedure performed on the patients when the heart of the person stops functioning correctly or heart failure. Heart Failure is a result of:

  • Valvular Heart Disease:

For the proper functioning of the heart, all the four valves of the heart must operate in synchronisation. If there is a fault in one of the valves, the heart cannot function properly. The condition can be treated only through the heart transplantation.

  • Severe Coronary Heart Disease:

The condition refers to the heart attack in the patient. The situation often results in the deposition of the plaque in the arteries, blocking the transfer of blood to the vital organs. The treatment for coronary Heart Disease is possible only with the help of heart transplant

  • Congenital Heart Defect:

If people are suffering from heart disabilities since birth, then it becomes impossible to treat them with non-surgical treatment options. The solution for the disorder is the heart transplantation.

  • Heart Transplant Failure:

If the patient has undergone a heart transplant in the previous years, and if the procedure has failed; the cure for the same calls for another heart transplant. The failure may be the result of the rejection of the newly transplanted organ by the body or the failed surgery. 

  • Cardiomyopathy:

This condition refers to the weakening of the heart muscles. Here, the heart muscles are thickened or enlarged that is not within the healthy limits. It stops the heart from pumping blood, and the heart muscles get stiffened up. It is not possible to regain back the flexibility of the heart muscles, so to get the patient in a stable condition, the doctor suggests for heart transplantation. In case the surgery is delayed, it can lead to the worsening of the situation of the patient.

Final Words:

The heart is one of the principal organs of the body. Any ignorance in the treatment of the patient can risk life. So, without making any delay, you should undergo the transplant if necessary. 

Heart Transplant Surgery India Low Cost yet effective. The medical travellers get to avail the appointment with the top cardiac surgeons, without waiting for long. 

Plan your medical tourism before it’s too late and avoid all kinds of risks to your life.