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Treatment Of Jaw And Facial Fractures

Treatment Of Jaw And Facial Fractures

A jaw fracture is a serious and emergency injury that occurs to the TMJ joints that must be connected to the lower jaw. The cause of a jaw fracture may be a physical blow to the face, sports injuries, an accident or accidental fall, or other events. 

According to an emergency dentist in Mississauga, it causes swelling, pain, bleeding from the mouth, and difficulty in breathing. Jaw fracture causes common problems such as breathing problems and problems eating food. Going to the emergency doctor is necessary to reduce the possible complications and complete and faster recovery.

Types of Jaw and Facial Fracture Surgeries

The treatment of a broken jaw is done in three ways, which include the use of medicine, closing the jaw with a wire, and jaw and facial surgery. Now, choosing the treatment method depends on the surgeon’s discretion and opinion, which is determined after the examination. We are going to examine the methods of treating fractured jaw and face as follows:

Use of medicine: In this method, the emergency dentist or surgeon prevents side effects such as bleeding, infection, and facial swelling by using antibiotics and painkillers.

Closing the jaw with a wire: In this method, the surgeon closes the broken jaw with a wire to weld it in a normal state, provides the patient with a pair of scissors to cut the wire, and teaches the patient how to cut the wire in emergency cases.

Jaw and face surgery: the next method is to use surgery; in this method, the surgeon restores the jaw to its normal state and fixes the jaw in its place using plates and screws.

What Are the Complications of Not Treating a Fractured Jaw?

Unfortunately, some people are not familiar with the symptoms of a fractured jaw or are generally indifferent to its treatment, and for this reason, ignore surgery for a fractured jaw and face. We will mention them below.

  • The patient must endure a lot of pain.
  • Bacteria and germs enter the wound and fracture and eventually lead to infection.
  • The person’s speaking ability is difficult.
  • The person cannot eat or chew properly.
  • The appearance of the person’s face is changed and leads to deviation or deformity.

Fractures of the Jaw and Face of Children

Fractures of the jaw and face of children are very rare and occur as a result of events such as falling while playing, impact during sports, and accidents. Now, surgeons advise parents to take their child to an emergency surgeon or dentist as soon as possible. His jaw needs to be operated on. If this problem is not solved, it will cause many problems for the child, which include the disturbance in the growth of his jaw and the growth of his teeth, and in the future, it will cause jaw and facial deformities in the patient.

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How to Prevent Jaw Fracture?

Jaw fracture is one of the rare problems that may occur as a result of accidents, falling from a height, and hitting the face. In the following, we offer you the most important solutions, which are:

  • Wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle.
  • Use a seat belt while driving.
  • If you are an athlete, you must wear a helmet.
  • If you are riding a motorcycle, don’t forget to wear a helmet.