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Dental Implants: Why Are They So Costly?

Dental Implants: Why Are They So Costly?

These days, you can find a proper solution for every dental problem you are dealing with. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you are even able to replace missing teeth with the most natural-looking options possible. Losing one or more teeth is significantly traumatizing and can lead to severe oral health issues like infection if left untreated. That’s why choosing a suitable tooth replacement option is crucial for patients with missing teeth to preserve their smiles and prevent further issues. Implants are one of the most prevalent and functional choices you have to replace one or more teeth. During this treatment, your oral surgeon places a post into your jawbone, which is made of strong, supporting, and durable metal. These titanium posts are designed to replace missing roots to give you the most similar experience as your natural teeth. Typically, dental implants can last a lifetime if you maintain them properly, but according to a dentist providing affordable cost of dental implants in Vancouver, they cost much more than other replacement options. Many patients refuse to choose them because of their high price without knowing why these posts cost that much. Continue reading to understand why they are the most expensive treatment to replace lost teeth.

Long procedure: Getting implants is a lengthy process that can take a few months to complete. In the first step, the professional must examine your oral condition to understand whether you are an eligible candidate. If you lack jawbone density, bone graft surgery is required before starting implant treatment. Then, the main procedure begins, and you have to let your jawbone heal for a few months. After the healing process, you visit your dentist to have an abutment and a crown placed on the top.


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High dental lab fee: Placing a titanium post is only a part of the treatment, and you have a long way to go. An abutment with a crown is what complements your implant and makes your smile perfect. Your dentist sends all the needed information to a dental lab so they can make you a customized cap. These labs use specialized equipment to manufacture a crown, which is a costly process. Therefore, it increases the cost of the overall procedure.

Invasive surgery: Compared to other tooth replacement options, implants require extensive surgery. You need a highly experienced and qualified professional to have your titanium posts safely inserted into your jawbone. Typically, working with more specialized experts costs more money than a general dentist.

Raw materials: Noble metals, including titanium, are required to make these posts. These materials are usually expensive, just like crowns and abutments. It’s another reason explaining why implants are costly.

Additional procedures: In many cases, they are accompanied by other dental procedures. For example, your dentist may determine extraction of a few of your teeth is necessary before the treatment. Furthermore, teeth whitening treatment is usually suggested before crown placement to boost the results. All these additional procedures have their own costs, making this procedure more expensive.