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Things You Should Know Before You Get A Boob Job

Things You Should Know Before You Get A Boob Job

Many women, no matter how physically beautiful they already are to other people, may find themselves feeling dissatisfied with their body and appearance. This can occur for many different reasons, and a large number of these women are turning to plastic surgery. Whether it is form a tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, or breast augmentation, there are numerous ways that plastic surgery can help you to get the perfect body you have been imagining. If you are looking to get a boob job (breast augmentation), you want to be sure that you have all of the facts before you commit to such a big surgery. Get to know some of the things you should know before you get a boob job so that you can be prepared when you schedule your appointment here in Des Moines, Iowa.

If You Want New Breasts For A Special Occasion, Plan Well In Advance

More often than not, women who are looking to get breast augmentation are doing so for a specific reason or with a specific debut date in mind. This could be for a wedding, a special vacation, or a big birthday. The problem with this is that many women expect their breasts to look exactly as they want them to within a week or two.

This is not the case. When you get breast implants, your initial recovery will last around a week. This is the period of time that you will need to rest up and not engage in any strenuous physical activity. However, even after that week, you new breasts will still not be settled because your chest muscles will not have fully healed and you will still have some odd shape and swelling. The true recovery time to get your breasts to their “normal” state is anywhere from 6 weeks to one year. So, plan ahead.

You Cannot Make An Extreme Change All At Once

The majority of women who go in for a breast augmentation procedure believe that they can get any size breasts that they want in their first procedure. However, this is not possible. If you have very small breasts and want to have quite large breasts (as a double A or A cup to a D, DD, or larger), you will need to go about the transition over the course of multiple procedures and multiple years.

The reason you cannot go so large so fast is that you simply do not have enough skin on your breasts to stretch over the extremely large breasts when you had small breasts to begin with. Your body will need to adjust to implants that are somewhere between where you started and where you want to get. This will allow for additional skin growth over the new breasts. Then and only then can you go larger.

Now that you know a few of the facts that you should know before you get a boob job, you can better be prepared for your consultation and future surgery.

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