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The Many Benefits Of Eating Rambutan

The Many Benefits Of Eating Rambutan

Probably the most exotic of fruits by far is the rambutan found in nearly every part of Southeast Asia. Although the fruit is indigenous to the country of Malaysia, it is grown throughout Southeast Asia, as well. This fruit has an oval shape and in length it is approximate 1 to 2 inches. The fruit has a leather like slim skin that is engrossed in many tubercles, which look like spines which the tip having a curve. The exterior of the skin ranges from yellow to green and even Orange. The fruit appears like a sea urchin visually. When it comes to taste, it is delectable and juicy. Here are the top health benefits of having rambutan.

Known to decrease unwanted body fat – A handful of this fruit when consumed crushed, raw or in combination with any other food is highly effective when it comes to decreasing the unwanted day in the body.

Beneficial for skin care – The seeds when consumed just raw or when they are crushed into a powder or even when mixed in other food items help the skin to flow and remain fresh. Also, the skin says soft and supple and the skin tone opens up to a good extent

Beneficial for hair care – Pick up a few rambutan seeds and thoroughly clean them. Then add a little water and make a paste out of the leaves using a blender. Then filter the extracts of the leaves with a clean dry cloth. Then using extracts of water damp the scalp and follow this everyday. You will notice a great hair growth in a short period of time.

Helps in treating dysentery – Pick the fruit and peels its skin. Then cut the peeled skin into small pieces. Add three big glasses of water and continue to boil the peeled skin till the water level becomes half of what it was.  Then let the water cool in room temperature, strain and consume as liquid syrup every day to see the results.

Helps treat diabetes – Take approximate 5 seeds and get them fried. Then these fried seeds should be mashed to make a powder. Add this powder to a cup of cold water and have daily to see the results

Helps to cure fever – Dry 15 grams of rambutan and add this to three small cups of water. Boil this mixture for ten minutes. Once it cools, strain and consume three times a day and your fever will go away, guaranteed.

Increases energy levels – The fruit is rich in carbs and also proteins and thus increases energy levels. Also, the fruit has got lots of water content. So, when you are fagged out after a long day at work, eat rambutan. It will surely boost some energy.

This is the season of Christmas and that time of the year when sending fruit baskets to your near and dear ones is a common gesture of love and affection. So, if you are planning to send one too, so not forget to include this wonder fruit in it and also write down all of its advantages.

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