The Common Diseases A Person Suffering From Obesity Will Likely To Have

The Common Diseases A Person Suffering From Obesity Will Likely To Have

Millions and millions of Australian adults are suffering from obesity. According to the World Health Organization, in 2007, about 67.4% of Australian adults are overweight, proving that an excessive gaining weight remains as one huge health issue of today.

The body mass index (BMI) is a statistical way of measuring one’s height and weight which has long been used to effectively determine if he or she is physically fit or not. Accordingly, when a person reaches obesity, these are the most possible illnesses which he or she might suffer in return:

Type 2 Diabetes. Obesity traps people with a higher chance of acquiring the type 2 diabetes because of two possible points: their body does not produce enough amount of insulin in their blood or it could be their cells that ignore the produced insulin. Since insulin is responsible for controlling a person’s blood sugar, his or her body would start to have a massive production of insulin just to regulate blood sugar level. Over the time, a person’s body would not be able to keep his or her blood sugar level in normal range that triggers the occurrence of type 2 diabetes as a result. So to control your blood sugar, stay away from simple sugar foods. You would want to visit a seafood market more often to buy the freshest eats that are healthy.

Heart Disease. Experiencing an abnormal heart rhythm, angina, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure are just some of the related examples of ailments which most number of obese person could experience as a consequence. It’s because gaining too much weight or being obese increases the risks of suffering the aforesaid related illnesses because of its negative effect on a person’s blood lipid levels, triglyceride levels and also a decreased amount of good cholesterol. These things are proven to support the development of several heart diseases which is undeniably a serious problem that could exceed to death as well. When you go to your favorite seafood market, ask for products that are rich in Omega 3 as it promotes good cardiovascular health.

Sleep Apnea. Unknown by many people, obesity is concern for sleeping problems as well. In fact, a common example of this is the sleep apnea. When a person gains too much weight, an additional tissue would thicken his or her windpipe wall which would eventually lead to a narrowed airway. Sleep apnea is distinct for making a person suffer from endless times of waking up at night because of sudden pauses of breathing. Indeed, it’s a life-threatening disorder for those people who are affected by it.

Metabolic Syndrome. Consuming an unhealthy diet which includes fats, sugars, and calories as well as the lack of physical activity or exercises certainly contributes as additional factors for acquiring the metabolic syndrome. There are a lot of reasons that partake to it but the insulin resistance is seen as one primary element for suffering from metabolic syndrome. People who belong to the population of obesity are the ones who are holding greater chances for the development of resistance to insulin or a hormone which regulates our blood sugar levels.

Hypertension. People who suffer from obesity are more prone to hypertension those who are living with a normal-weight. Relatively, when a person acquires hypertension, he or she would likely to incur additional damages such as the atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, left ventricular hypertrophy, diastolic heart failure and more. Indeed, there are a lot of damaging impacts caused by this particular health condition towards the physiological processes. Hypertension is always a serious thing.

If you are suffering from obesity, don’t worry because you can fully recover if you take action today. A complete lifestyle change is necessary in order to bounce back to a better health.