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Prominent Types Of Dumbbells And Specifications

Prominent Types Of Dumbbells And Specifications

Whenever it comes about professional gym equipment, Dumbbells is the first thing emerges in the mind of a fitness freak. The fact cannot be circumvented that dumbbells have always been a favourite among the gym goer irrespective of beginners or experts.  Hence, the discussion of gym equipment cannot be accomplished without adding “dumbbells.”

Prominent Type Of Dumbbells –

You may get a variety of dumbbells while checking out wide collection of dumbbells at which makes tough to differentiate. Talking about the Dumbbells types, there are prominent three.

  • Fixed weight – This category associated to set at an unchangeable weight. It means you would not be able to increase or decrease the weight according to your need. Generally, Gym set to start at 2 kg and can go up in 2 kg increments. Fixed weight categorised dumbbells would not be ideal to choose if you wish to light exercises such as squats or lunges or heavy ones including lateral raises and triceps extensions.
  • Adjustable Standard Based – This is considered simply an ideal choice if you are more inclined to add or subtract weight plates according to your exercise. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to add extra weight plates when you want.
  • Adjustable Selectorised Based– This one is next on the list offering you the facility to adjust the weight more quickly in comparison to the standard ones.

Dumbbell – A Quick Buyer’s Guide

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Are you confused while checking out a variety of dumbbells at various sources to find the best one? No worries, the best and quick tips have been mentioned below that you should keep in mind.

  • Weight – Do not go with a heavyweight having dumbbells. It would be right to go with lighter sets as you can always feel the motive to do more reps. Though when it comes about professional gym equipment, all sorts of dumbbells are needed to have.
  • Shape – Hexagonal dumbbells considered an ideal choice to go since they do not roll away while moves such as renegade row or roll under your feet are performed.
  • Features – Do not forget to pay attention to the features. Make sure they are easy to adjust and not prone to crack in case if used most often.
  • Material – And the next on the list is material.  Though Rubber-coated ends might not look as attractive as the shiny metal plates dumbbells, they are good to buy as they do not leave a negative impact on your floor. Moreover, Ridged or “knurled” chrome handles imparts great grip. Prominent material are
  • Urethane knew for high quality and more durable
  • SBX is kind of material between natural rubber and Urethane 
  • Rubber is good for grip
  • Steel for having stylish and classic dumbbells

Most people think that buying professional gym equipment may burn their pocket, but it is not if you buy from the right platform offering you a great sale. It means you can buy the quality products but without splurging.

Your health is precious and exercise is an ideal solution to stay fit and healthy longer. So what you are waiting for do buy a set of the dumbbell to take your fitness to the next level.

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