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Personal Elder Care Services for Hygiene

Offering personal care to the elder member of your family will help the individual to maintain hygiene. For a better quality of life and living, personal care is very important. Whether you do it yourself or hire a caregiver or send the ageing member to an assisted living facility, the caregiver has to perform a challenging role in order to observe the required hygiene.

Your loved one deserves only the best out of the remaining years. For majority of the elders it is an embarrassing thing when they have to depend on others especially when the caregiver is a son or daughter. A little assistance from you can play a big role in personal grooming of the elderly person of your family. Queen City Palliative Care center offers an indomitable service in elderly care.

Make Bathing an Easy Affair

You can help by preparing for the bath. Standing close to the bathroom will help largely if any emergency situation arises. You need to act very casually although you might not feel it. If you maintain a relaxing attitude, it will only make the individual comfortable. You should always discuss with the older person if he/she prefers assistance from a family member or it will be better if an unknown person helps, etc. Always be frank. Also, the individual might prefer assistance from a member of the same sex. You can take help from a qualified care giving center like the Queen City Palliative Care center for enhanced services.

Coping with Dressing Challenges

You need to understand what the elder prefers wearing. You should help the individual in maintaining his style and preference as long as you can. You can offer assistance in dressing up only when that is needed. It is very important that you encourage self-dressing. By placing the clothes in the right order will be of great help to an old person. You should also provide anumber of clothing choices so that the person can enjoy wearing different clothes everyday. Clothes that are easy to wear should be bought and used. It will help in keeping the independence of the individual when self-dressing is encouraged. For the best of personal care assistance for elders, contact Queen City Palliative Care center.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a very important thing that you should never ignore. Proper dental check-ups on a regular basis are a must for your loved one. The amount of saliva tends to go down with age which makes the teeth prone to decay and infection. For a proper fit, the dentures should be checked on a regular basis. Oral cancer is common in long-living people. This is one of the reasons why an elderly person requires a frequent dental checkup. Check Queen City Palliative Care center website to understand what kind of a role they play in personal care services.

In order to assist the elder to hold the brush, you can attach the brush to an elastic band fixed on the hand. It will help the elder member largely if you make the brush handle a little bigger for a better grip by using sponge or a rubber ball. Using an electric toothbrush will be both easy and comfortable. Encouraging self-brushing is very helpful. Queen City Palliative Care center is an ideal place for personal elder care.

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