Dental Care

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Getting Dental Implants.

Losing a tooth negatively affects our eating and speaking ability. It also has a psychological impact on the patients. Moreover, it affects our facial beauty because the gaps cause the other teeth to shift and be crooked. According to a specialist in Vancouver dental implants, the best and long-lasting option is an implant. The other available options are temporary, while implants will last a lifetime.

If a patient’s tooth is infected, damaged, or knocked out, the dentist can restore his or her mouth’s function and appearance with implants. You can also benefit from other solutions, but which one is the best option for you? You may wonder what the differences are between implants and other options. For a better understanding, here is a brief explanation.


The first and the most important difference is that dentures are not fixed. The patient should remove them at night and put them in a glass of water. Besides, they may slip or take off when the patient is talking or laughing. So it may affect the patients’ self-esteem. They are always worried about their displacement while are talking to their friends. There are different types, including partial or complete. However, dental implants are fixed, and there is no need to get them removed at night. They are like your natural teeth. Their appearance is also more similar to your teeth. One of the essential factors is that dentures will lead to gum loss because they do not stimulate the gum tissues.

In contrast, dental implants are implanted in the gum. Their fixtures act like natural teeth and stimulate the tissues of the gum. Therefore, they prevent bone loss in the gum. Dentures should be replaced every several years with a new one.


In this case, the adjacent teeth are shaved. Actually, they will act as the support for the bridge. So, they damage healthy teeth. At the same time, dental implants do not damage the other teeth but also help them not move toward the gap. Like dentures, dental bridges cause jaw bone loss because they rest on the gum tissue and do not prevent loss of the jaw bone. Dental bridges should be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Implant Dentistry

Whether you have a damaged tooth or there are gaps in your mouth, the implant can be inserted into your jawbone. The severely damaged or infected tooth can be extracted and removed on the same day of the implant surgery. In some cases, the tooth is extracted a few days before the surgery in order to let the jawbone heal.

The implant can replace one tooth or more teeth. Besides, a full mouth implant is also available for patients who have lost all their teeth in one arch. It is called an all-on-four implant. As its name implies, there are four fixtures in the jawbone, and a complete prosthesis is fixed over them.

The dental implant has a high success rate in more than forty years. It is known as the best treatment option that enhances the patients’ quality of life.