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Most Common And Possible Causes Of Feeling Pain In Your Ears

Most Common And Possible Causes Of Feeling Pain In Your Ears

Ear pain is a common problem that effects both adults and children. Most people that experience pain in their ears automatically think it is an ear infection. While an ear infection is often the most common cause of earaches, it is not the only reason you may be experiencing pain. There are actually a number of reasons your ear could be hurting. Below are some of the other common causes of earaches for adults and children alike. 

Water in the Ear

If you go swimming and get water in your ear, it can get trapped in the outer ear. Once the water becomes trapped, it can begin to grow bacteria which causes an ear infection, or Swimmer’s ear as it is commonly referred to. In order to address the problem, a visit to the doctor is required. The doctor will prescribe you some antibiotic ear drops and will advise that the next time you go swimming to keep your ear dry before and after you are done. 


Another common cause of earaches is the buildup of earwax. Your ear naturally produces this wax in order to keep our irritants like dust. If too much earwax is produced it can become impacted and lodged in your ear. This impacted wax can cause pain. While you may think you can get this out by yourself, doctors advise against doing so. Using a cotton swab to clean out the earwax may cause it to become more impacted and create further pain or infection. Instead, you should purchase a kit from the store to attempt to remove it. If it does not work, then see an ear doctor who is able to safely remove the hardened wax from your ear. If you continue to try to remove the wax yourself, you could cause permanent damage to your eardrum. 

Tooth Problems

Many people would never think that a problem with their teeth could cause ear pain. However, there have been numerous cases where tooth issues such as abscesses, impacted teeth and cavities have caused an issue. This common cause of ear pain will be easily detected by a visit to your doctor. If they cannot find a reason for the ear pain, then they will look into your mouth to identify any issues that may be experiencing with your teeth. Particular symptoms could also prompt them to look at your teeth as the cause. 

Air Pressure

Many people experience ear pain when there is a change in air pressure. This can occur when riding in a car or on a plane when elevations change. This type of ear pain can be cured without seeing a doctor. Doing things like chewing gum or yawning will equal out the pressure in your ears and make the pain go away. 

These reasons are just some of a handful of the most common causes of earache. If you are experiencing pain in your ears, the best decision is to see a doctor so that they can devise a course of treatment that is best for you. Treating it yourself at home is risky and could cause permanent damage and should only be done under the direction of a doctor. 


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