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Kami Hoss – Using The Process Of Acceledontics To Straighten Teeth Faster

Kami Hoss – Using The Process Of Acceledontics To Straighten Teeth Faster

Most people often have teeth that are not perfectly shaped, and this hampers self-image.  The shape or the size of the teeth are not uniform. Some people often suffer from accidents where the shape of their teeth gets affected, and they need dental surgeries to correct them. Crooked and protruding teeth look ugly, and this affects self-esteem and confidence in a big way. People with protruding and uneven teeth are hesitant to smile and often keep their mouths shut as they do not want others to see their imperfect teeth. Teeth straightening is a procedure that a dentist generally resorts to help such patients regain the confidence they deserve when it comes to smiling and feeling good about themselves again!

Kami Hoss – The benefits of Acceledontics for straightening teeth faster

Dr. Kami Hoss is a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. He is based in Chula Vista, CA and is a graduate from the University of California in Los Angeles. He is widely respected for his invaluable knowledge in dentistry and is a compassionate professional, helping his patients to achieve their goals of getting perfect healthy teeth. When it comes to teeth straightening, he says that the conventional processes take long and many patients are not keen to undergo them primarily because of the effort it takes when it comes to achieving the desired results. The process is painful, and there are levels of mild to severe discomfort involved. Thanks to medical advancements, today the process of teeth straightening is faster with acceledontics and more people are choosing it. 

An insight into acceledontics and how it works

The procedure of acceledontics uses a device that is a hands-free instrument where the patient needs to wear it for at least 20 minutes daily. This device fits snugly around the present orthodontic implant like braces and deploys a gentle pushing technology that accelerates the movement of the patient’s teeth to the right position. This process has the following benefits-

It is a simple procedure with faster results

More comfortable than the conventional orthodontic treatment with less pain 

FDA approved medical procedure that moves teeth 50% faster than other orthodontic procedures

Safe and gentle procedure to straighten teeth faster

Patients that use acceledontics for teeth straightening get natural-looking results within a quicker time. However, before undergoing the procedure, it is prudent to rely on esteemed and experienced doctors that specialize in the procedure to get safe results.

Dr. Kami Hoss concludes by saying that if you are interested in the process of teeth straightening, you should be aware of how the procedure works well. You should know what to expect and how much you need to spend on the process. The costs incurred dependent upon the nature and the severity of the problem. You should book an appointment with a good doctor to ensure you receive the dental knowledge you need for acceledontics. It uses a safe hands-free device to align teeth and alleviate the pain that you would have otherwise experienced with a conventional orthodontic procedure for teeth straightening with success!