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Information About Maintaining Whiten Your Teeth

Information About Maintaining Whiten Your Teeth

We all wish to have white teeth. But not all of us have them. We were born with white teeth, and when we get older, their color change due to various reasons such as bad eating habits. However, the good news is that this dental defect is solvable through a popular cosmetic dental method called teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. This article provides some helpful information about the reason for teeth discoloration and the process of teeth whitening. A dedicated and experienced dentist performing teeth whitening in North York is here to help us in this regard.

Why Do We Face Teeth Discoloration?

As we said, there are different factors leading to this dental defect. Foods and drinks are the most influential ones. We all have colorful foods and drinks every day, such as tea, coffee, red wine, strawberries, etc. The more we have them, the sooner we get stains on our teeth. Besides, those who smoke a lot will face discolored teeth sooner than others due to the ingredient in the cigarettes(nicotine).

It is often said that baking soda and lemon juice can make our teeth brighter and whiter. But there is a forgotten point: when you brush your teeth with these suggested ways a lot, you erode your tooth enamel gradually. And what will come at the end is a set of teeth with deep stains that cannot even be removed by teeth bleaching.

What Is This Cosmetic Dental Method?

As mentioned earlier, this is a way to have white, pearly teeth. In better words, teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, is a non-invasive and safe method around the world. It is a quick and effective way to enhance the look of your smile. When you go for professional teeth whitening, the dental specialist precisely evaluates your oral and dental health; then decides whether teeth whitening services are a practical solution for the stains on your teeth or not. Those who hide their smile because of deep teeth stains can benefit from dental veneers.

How Is The Process Done?

When you refer to a dental clinic for getting this cosmetic dental process, first of all, the teeth must be cleaned, and a dental exam will also be performed to be sure the teeth are healthy enough for the whitening process. If you have sensitive teeth for any reason, you may not be allowed to undergo a tooth whitening procedure since the method itself brings some extent of tooth sensitivity.

The process can be done in an office or even at home using special kits. The one done in the dental office is faster and safer. You may just need to spend an hour in a clinic to have the white teeth you desire. But if you choose to have whitening teeth with kits and apply them to your teeth at home, you should wait for about two weeks. And still, the result will be as effective as the professional one done by a dental specialist.