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Improving Your Potential With Psychotherapy

Improving Your Potential With Psychotherapy

Everyone has something they would like to change about themselves, and for most people that starts with feeling more comfortable as a person. Many people, even those that are wealthy, successful, highly recognised and leaders in industry or finance and business doubt themselves, feel guilty about things in the past, or have problems with self-esteem.

Often these individuals have learned to compartmentalise or mask their personal doubts, self-esteem issues, their difficulties in making a decision or their issues in second-guessing what they have done. Many people have often learned to put things in the past, particularly traumatic or difficult issues, out of their conscious mind, but that doesn’t mean those thoughts are out of their subconscious and impacting every aspect of their life today.

There are several websites by psychotherapists that offer insight into just how these types of negative past experiences and issues with self-esteem, relationships and interpersonal communication, as well as ineffective or even harmful coping mechanisms,  can be helped through the use of carefully planned and holistic treatment approaches. One such website can be found at, a fully accredited psychotherapist who has worked with people in all aspects of learning to feel better about oneself.


One unique treatment option discussed at Philippe Jacquet is the practice of mindfulness. This is the ability to consider or to meditate on events in life that are often unnoticed or simply completed on autopilot.

When people engage in mindfulness, they become more grounded in those things around them that matter on an emotional, relationship or spiritual level. It is easier to prioritise and get in touch with what is truly important and what is a lesser task or responsibility.

This is a very important coping strategy and one that helps stay focused, positive, and avoid the pressure for the quick answer or the immediate response. Instead, by clearing your mind and thinking creatively, you are able to make more effective, informed, and creative solutions.

Not only will this assist with your professional life, but it can completely change your relationship with your spouse or partner, your children, or your family. Imagine being able to see each interaction for the value it brings to your life, without all the chatter and negative talk that may be going on from past issues and negative experiences.

Becoming Unstuck

Perhaps the term “unstuck” isn’t something you will see at Philippe Jacquet, but it is something that many people experience in life through the benefit of psychotherapy.

Hidden or evident fears, worries, self-doubts and second guessing yourself may have literally created a situation where you cannot see a way to resolve a problem or a conflict in your life. Through the support and therapeutic options provided by a psychotherapist, it is possible to get out of the mud and mire of negativity and self-doubt and move forward with a creative, well-designed and effective plan.

In some situations, other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma or grief may also be creating that mental quagmire. It seems there are no answers, no creative solutions, and no way to see past the immediate challenge to the potential solution.

Through psychotherapy treatment options, including non-traditional options such as art therapy or sand tray therapy, it is possible to let your creative brain take over. The therapist will provide the safe, supportive environment to try out new ideas, to talk about those issues long repressed, and to recognise the impact they are having on your current thoughts and behaviors.


Everyone struggles with self-esteem at some point in time in their life. Often this is a result of messages that have been internalised since we were children. When negative things happen to us, those messages start looping in our mind, and they seem to reinforce whatever those negative messages say.

Through various psychotherapy treatments that look at people as a whole, and not just as a collection of symptoms, all those negative messages can be examined and compared to the reality of today. The psychotherapist and the client can then begin to change those negative self-messages and self-beliefs into accurate, positive messages that affirm rather than negate.

If you have ever wondered what you could accomplish if you could make the changes you wanted in yourself, visit Philippe Jacquet. This is a great starting point to learn more and to start your journey of positive self-growth.

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