How To Remove Makeup While Brightening Your Skin

How To Remove Makeup While Brightening Your Skin

Keeping your skin healthy and vibrant is a constant task. You have to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to maintain your youthful glow. A lot of research has been done concerning physical attractiveness and its link to the workplace and personal success. Studies have shown that people who are thought to be attractive tend to have more success in personal and professional pursuits. That attractiveness often comes down to how youthful someone appears to be. Bright, clear skin with an even complexion is prized.

There are many different factors that work to reduce the brightness of your complexion. Pollution, sun damage, and dietary habits are all factors that can affect how bright your skin appears. Another factor is makeup. The irony is that many people wear makeup to make their skin look more glowing and youthful and to increase their physical appearance. That same makeup can negatively affect the skin. Removing that makeup can also be very harmful.

Makeup Removers

Many makeup removers seek to remove makeup in a very caustic manner. They remove makeup by stripping the oils and pigments from your face with strong chemicals. Those chemicals definitely work to remove cosmetics, but they also remove essential oils from your skin. That can leave your skin dry and cracked. They also tend to damage your complexion. The irony, of course, is that you have to then wear more makeup to cover up the damage done by your makeup remover.

A New Way

Instead of stripping makeup with harsh chemicals, you can remove it with a facial whitening cleanser you will love. This cleanser uses a natural ingredient to ensure that you are removing makeup, but not the essential oils on your skin that you need to maintain your appearance. Gypsophile extract is a gentle cleanser that foams on contact. It creates a gentle foam that removes makeup, cleanses, and sanitizes the skin. This sets it apart from many other removers that use harsh unnatural chemicals.

Spergularia extract and alchemilla extract are great additions to facial cleansers. These are two natural extracts that have been shown to whiten skin and even out your complexion. It’s not enough to just brighten your skin in certain places; you need a cleanser that also creates an even overall complexion.

So much of hyperpigmentation comes from dirt and oils that get into your skin and stick around. You need a way to wash them away. Skin cells are actually fairly translucent. Dirt and oils bind to the skin cells and create the dull, darker pigmentation. If you can wash away the dirt and impurities, your skin will return to its natural glow.

Gypsophile extract is also great for hot climates. Often, in hot climates, it is very difficult to find a product that will clean your skin without removing the natural layer of protection. Hot climates cause you to sweat, which can actually drive impurities into the skin. Your body produces a natural layer over the skin to block out impurities. You need a cleanser that keeps that film in place.

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