How To Find The Best Heel Pain Treatment?

How To Find The Best Heel Pain Treatment?

Plantar fasciitis or heal pain is the foot condition where band of tissue get inflamed in the foot sole, and it results in severe pain in your heel. The plantar fasciitis pain is sometimes very bad that a person cannot walk or able to do day-to-day activities. However, a few changes at home can really help in reducing your heel pain or you can consider heel pain treatment if the pain is unbearable.

Prevention from Plantar Fasciitis

There’re a lot of trigger points for the plantar fasciitis, thus it is very important that you know how you can decrease this risk and start enjoying your life. If you are overweight then it puts a little more pressure on the feet, thus losing weight will be the first option if you are struggling with the heel pain.

Exercise can affect your heel. Make sure you warm up before starting your exercise, and do not rush in the new activity — give yourself a little time, and allow your muscles to take the change. Make sure you invest in the pair of comfortable running shoes that must be often replaced.

Even the type of shoes you wear will make a huge difference on how the feet feel, it is very important that you protect your heels and feet with proper and comfortable shoes that provide good cushion and support in an arch and stable heel. Avoid wearing worn-out pairs; and immediately replace it when you find wear on your sole. Also, never walk barefoot on the hard surfaces.

Heel pain can really be a bother, but never let this hamper you. If you get to know the plantar fasciitis symptoms, then give your feet and heel a little break that they deserve. The heel pain generally happens because of the excessive strain, and in some cases, from trauma to your heel. 

Checking Out the Treatment 

Your first step to treat pain on the heel is reducing any tightness in plantar fascia area. Suppose it is not taking place, then treatment can fail and sore heel may still hurt you. For doing this, it is very important that you support and cushion your foot. You can give OTC arch supports and if that does not offer you any relief, you can consider the custom orthotics. The podiatrist might recommend you wearing the perfect shoes, and let your foot to rest with the help of special taping or “walking boot.”

Then you have to work to lessen the pain and soreness in your heel by using any anti-inflammatory medications & ice. Suppose the pain continues, podiatrist might recommend certain physical therapy or steroid injections. When you find your heel pain does not resolve in some weeks, then it is good to book an appointment with the experienced podiatrist.