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Hiatal Hernia: Treatments And Drugs

Hiatal Hernia: Treatments And Drugs

The hiatal hernia is a condition where the stomach gets strangled and squeezes through the diaphragm, leading to blocked blood supply. Many people do not get any symptom of hernia, but some may experience heartburn and chest pain. Often confused with heart attack, this condition needs to be diagnosed at the earliest and get hiatal hernia treatment done. Increased pressure or stress in the region of abdomen, from obesity, straining during bowel movement, pregnancy, coughing, may result in a hiatal hernia.


A stomach hernia is often diagnosed to know the correct reason behind heartburn or chest pain. The diagnosis follows the below stated procedures:

  • Endoscopy. The doctor slides in a thin tube down the throat to the stomach that provides a clear view of the stomach and esophagus.
  • Blood testing. A complete blood count is recommended to check for any anemia related problems.
  • Manometry. The doctor slides a thin, pressure sensitive tube down the nose, through the esophagus and inside the stomach, which then measures any pressure or movement inside there.
  • Barium X-ray. The patient has to drink a liquid with barium that will coat the upper digestive tract, providing a clear image of the esophagus, duodenum and stomach on an X-ray.


Many a times, a small hiatal hernia may not possess any threat to the patient, but sometimes a large hiatal hernia can stop the blood flow and would require an immediate surgery as that is a life threatening condition. The surgery is generally done as a laparoscopic procedure or a minimally invasive procedure. In this procedure, small incisions are done in the abdomen of about 5 to 10 millimeters. The doctor views the inside if the abdomen and then enters surgical instruments through the incisions. The laparoscope helps the surgeon to view clearly the image of the internal organs on a monitor. This surgery is extremely helpful in such life threatening condition. The surgery is less painful and the recovery is rapid.

However, the surgery is not the cure to hiatal hernia. The surgery does not assure that the hernia would not come back in the future. Here is where the role of natural remedies and medications absorb a major role. Grocare, a leading brand in the pharmaceutical market has been recognized to cater medicines and treatments that work 89% better than other options.


It is recommended that any person experiencing hiatal hernia should refer to a doctor for medication. The doctor may prescribe the following,

  • Antacids to neutralize the stomach acid. Antacids may provide relief from heartburn.
  • H-2 receptor blockers help reduce the production of acid.
  • Proton pump inhibitors block the formation of acid and heal the esophagus.

Medicines produced by Grocare, such as Hernica and Acidim have been noticed to produce a much better response for patients suffering from Hiatal Hernia. Not only do they work towards curing the condition, but do so, without causing any further problems, side effects and resurfacing of the same problem in the future. This also allows individuals to skip from opting for a severe procedure like surgery.

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