Dr. David Crawford Gives A General Overview Of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Dr. David Crawford Gives A General Overview Of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

There are numerous conditions due to which people might have to deal with extremely high hip pain. A lot of diagnostic tools and procedures are used to find the exact problem with the hips, and hip arthroscopy is one of the most prominent ones among them. This is an extremely popular surgical procedure in which doctors tend to view the hip joint without making any kind of large cut or incision through the soft tissues or the skin. Dr. David Crawford mentions that nowadays this procedure is used in various medical institutions across the world for the purpose of diagnosing and treating a host of hip-related conditions. Dr. Crawford is a New Albany based orthopedic surgery specialist who specializes in orthopedic surgery.

Dr. David Crawford sheds light on the procedure of arthroscopic hip surgery

Arthroscopic hip surgery is a popular procedure, and has been performed around the world for multiple years. This procedure, however, is not yet as common as knee or shoulder replacement arthroscopy. Dr. David Crawford highlights that in this surgical procedure the surgeons have to insert a tiny camera into the hip joint of the patient. This camera is known as the arthroscope, and with the help of it people digital images of the area inside the hips are displayed on a video monitor.  The surgeons ideally make use of these images for the purpose of guiding their miniature surgical instruments in the orderly fashion. Dr. Crawford himself has been responsible for carrying out a number of arthroscopic hip surgeries, while his key specialization lies in minimally invasive and outpatient joint replacement. David Crawford completed his residency at the renowned Madigan Army Medical Center, and had grown up in Columbus, Ohio. In his career span, Crawford had even got the chance to be the orthopedic surgeon to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. He also was the orthopedic surgeon in the elite 5th Special Forces group of the Army.

The remarkable, as well as a rewarding career of Dr. David Crawford, has made him the ideal candidate to discuss the subject of arthroscopic hip surgery. He says that doctors usually recommend the patients to go for an arthroscopic hip surgery if they have to deal with a lot of pain, which is not subsiding even after nonsurgical treatment options. The nonsurgical treatment options in such scenarios include physical therapy, a lot of rest and medications. In many cases, injections that can reduce inflammation are also used.

People who are suffering from symptoms that indicate problems that can cause damage to their cartilage, labrum or any soft tissues surrounding the joint should typically go for hip arthroscopy. These problems are commonly caused due to an injury, as well as particular orthopaedic conditions. Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is among the common types of disorders that can lead to such problems. In this disorder basically, an extra bone develops in the femoral head, and ultimately damages the soft tissues of the hip during any kind of movement.