5 Facial Treatments To Consider This Winter

5 Facial Treatments To Consider This Winter

When the temperature drops and it turns cold, it is likely that  the first thing to suffer is your skin. It will begin to crack and stretch  and the signs of wear and tear will begin to show. However, facials such as a Hydrafacial London, is just one of the many ways that you can combat your winter skin this year.

Skin Scrubs

During the winter months your skin can become damaged due to the harsh weather conditions. Not only does it have to withstand the elements, but it also has to deal with the constant changing in temperature from the warm inside to the cold outside, and vice versa. This can cause your skin to look dull, but with the help of  a skin scrub your damaged skin can be given a summer glow all year round.

Chemical Peels

Alternatively, a chemical peel is the perfect facial treatment to help rejuvenate your skin and ensure that your skin looks as healthy as possible. Moreover, a chemical peel will not only help to remove the dead skin cells, but It will also help to boost collagen within the skin.

Face Rejuvenation

A face rejuvenation facial is the perfect solution to help to keep your skin looking as bright as possible during the dull winter months.  A laser is used to penetrate deeper into the skin, and then removes dead skin cells to boost the levels of collagen within the deeper levels of the skin. If you are finding  that trips to the salon is proving to be time-consuming and expensive, then try the methods that you can use at home.

Hydrating Facials

Hydrating facials are perfect for the winter months, as it helps to hydrate the skin and ensure that your skin doesn’t crack. This  can also be beneficial for the lips, as these are one of the first parts of the face to crack due to their sensitive skin. Lip balm is the ideal solution for cracked lips, because it helps to keep your lips protected and prevents painful cracks in the future.

Facial Oils

One of the most popular solutions of beating winter skin in recent months, is facial oils. Not only can these be integrated into your nightly routine to help remove makeup, but it can also be used to hydrate the skin and rejuvenate dull appearance. Although this is not recommended for all skin types, especially if you have oily skin, it is very useful for those that have dry skin, as it will help to replace the little moisture that is being taken by the elements.

Caring for your skin during the winter months can be difficult, however it is not impossible! We hope that with these small, easy steps added into your routine, you can help to combat the effects of the elements, whilst ensuring that you keep the surface of your skin as healthy as possible. We suggest that if you are unsure about using any of the treatments, then you contact a specialist, who will tell you which one is the best choice for your skin type.

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