Key Ingredients For Sensitive Skin Care

Key Ingredients For Sensitive Skin Care

Ever wonder why your skin is more prone to irritation and other issues in comparison with others? If your skin grieves easily from climatic conditions or certain cosmetic products, there is a high probability of your skin being a sensitive one. 

Since every coin has two sides, the glitches of sensitive skin care manifest themselves along with their solutions. 

Here, we have piled up a few ingredients you must search for in your next skin products. 


While Chamomile flowers have been of immense help in treating stomach cramps, its use in treating skin issues have also shown wonders.

Many researchers have found its usage extremely beneficial for centuries. With the rapid advancement in medicine, many dermatologists prescribe chamomile plants as a remedy of inflammatory and hyper sensitive skin.

In addition, its antimicrobial properties help to fight polluting particles and provide a soothing effect.


This element contains panthenol (a form of vitamin B), which is a natural humectant. It helps in retaining moisture. It penetrates the skin layers and prevents or reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

A sensitive skin gets minor scars and contracts germs with much ease. Bisabolol has shown to be effective in healing and disinfecting skin from inside against microbes such as epidermis, staph, etc.

Furthermore, it brings down the skin temper after its exposure to sunlight as well as treat sunburns.

Calendula extract

Calendulas have antiseptic properties which makes it an all-rounder in treating wounds, reducing suntans and preventing acne.

Folks with sensitive skin may develop ageing signs soon. The flower’s extract can sort this trouble in two ways, tightening pores and increasing hydration in skin.


Don’t run for a packet of oats after reading the sub-heading. The type which is being discussed here is ‘colloidal oatmeal’. Its mixture with oil and water has engendered game changing results.

Moreover, its emollient properties make it a great alternative for moisturisers. They also provide relief in itching because of the presence of antioxidants and their anti-inflammatory properties. 

The above mentioned options had been tried and tested. Their popularity has immensely grown in recent years with satisfactory outcomes. However, if you have a hyper sensitive skin issue, it is worthwhile to seek the consultation of a dermatologist.

To summarise, a proper knowledge about the skin care ingredients can truly help you to opt for opting the best product in accordance with the sensitivity of your skin.